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UK Poker Pro Fights Rabbi in Court Over £140,000

Andrew Feldman Seeks Court Protection From Spread Betting Rabbi’s £140,000 Payment Demand


Andrew FeldmanUK poker pro Andrew Feldman (pictured) was in court in London yesterday asking a judge to strike out a £140,000 payment demand from a Rabbi who claims Feldman owes him the money after a spread betting deal gone wrong according to the Daily Telegraph.

The High Court heard that 22-year-old Feldman and his former friend Simon Nissim struck a deal in late 2008 which would see Feldman fund a spread betting account which Nissim used to bet on movements on the Dow Jones stock index.

The court hear that all winnings would go to Feldman but Nissim claims the poker player also agreed to indemnify him against losses which amounted to £140,000.

However, Feldman’s legal representative in court, Jonathan Lewis, claimed that Nissim placed a “considerable number of spread bets on his own behalf using the same spread betting account.”

Feldman, who appeared on the cover of Card Player Europe earlier this year, said he had only agreed to a few bets per session but Nissim had placed up to 77 bets in a four-hour period. Nissim’s brief Richard Ritchie, said Feldman told Nissim he was prepared to lose up to £200,000 and that Feldman was informed of the losses after each session.

Feldman was told after each session that he had lost but told Nissim to carry on, said Ritchie.

The court heard that the deal came about after Nissim approached Feldman upon hearing of significant poker losses but Feldman told the judge, Richard Snowden QC, that the losses were never as high as the amount discussed in court, £700,000, and the judge reserved his ruling to a later date.