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Andrew Feldman To Appear on Secret Millionaire

Young UK Poker Pro “Faces Up To The Impact Of His Career On His Life And Family”


UK poker pro Andrew Feldman is to appear on TV show Secret Millionaire in on Channel 4 on Monday June 25 at 9 p.m..

The blurb for the show says, “At 24, world-famous poker player Andrew Feldman is the youngest ever secret millionaire. He goes undercover in Bradford where he faces up to the impact of his career on his life and family.”

Feldman took to Twitter earlier today to scotch rumours that he had gone broke playing the big game in Macau tweeting, “So im hearing from many people that I have stole over £250,000 from @samtrickett1 n gone broke in Macau. Can any1 confirm if that is true ??.”

He went on to tweet cryptically, “For those who don’t know when I was just 18 I was scammed of around £500,000 from my closest ‘friend’ who is in the same communities as me..

“For the past 6 years he’s managed to get away with it, left the UK and living the highlife. Now it’s my time to put the record straight…”

Will Feldman out the thief on national TV? Tune in to find out.