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Full Tilt Launches Rush Poker Tournaments

New Format Makes Successful Transition to Tourneys


Rush Poker is now running poker tournaments.Late last week, the craze that got the whole online poker world buzzing when it first launched in ring games made a successful transition over to the tournament side. That’s right, Rush Poker tournaments have arrived.

“Available exclusively at Full Tilt Poker, enter a Rush Poker Tournament to experience the world’s fastest poker tournament,” the site says in explaining the new format.

Full Tilt introduced its patent-pending Rush Poker format into cash games just three months ago with widespread support. Grinders who had grown accustomed to massive multi-tabling and even amateurs who hated waiting around for playable hands were mystified and amazed at the ability to “quick fold” and almost instantaneously move to a new table with a new batch of players to compete in the next hand.

Just like its cash games, players can use the “quick fold” option throughout tournament play. However, in Rush tournament poker, once a final table is reached, the tournament is played out normally, with no additional seat changes.

There is also no hand-for-hand play in tournament Rush poker and once less than 30 players remain, the tourney moves to short-handed play to maintain a swift speed.

Currently, Full Tilt is running two sit-and-gos with the new format — both 135-person no-limit hold’em turbo tournaments. The $4 ($.40) and $11 ($1) tourneys run throughout the day.

But it’s not just hold’em that is the benefactor of Rush tournaments. Full Tilt is also using the new craze to energize its low-stakes pot-limit Omaha tournaments. Although the site is introducing these tournaments slowly, Full Tilt has already tournaments from $20 ($2) double-stacked six-handed Rush tournaments (both turbo and regular speed) to $2 ($.20) eight-handed PLO Rush tourneys.

Full Tilt’s no-limit hold’em Rush tourneys have already attracted big fields. A $10 (+$1) event on April 20 at 11 a.m. witnessed a field of 1,086 players, including a couple Red pros in Roy Winston and Monte Kouz.

Play Rush Poker today on Full Tilt Poker. If you haven’t done so already, sign up through Card Player to receive your exclusive deposit bonus.