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Online Poker -- Casey Jarzabek Takes Over OPOY Lead

Corey Burbick and Brandon Hall Break Into Top 10


Casey JarzabekIn 2009, Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek (pictured right) scored 7,776 points in the Card Player Online Player of the Year race to finish in ninth place overall. We’re only a quarter finished with the 2010 competition, and Jarzabek already has racked up 5,058 points and an impressive 816-point lead over last year’s champion, Steve “gboro780” Gross.

Jarzabek has flat-out dominated Sundays, and his recent surge is attributed to yet another win last weekend. The Canadian took down the Sunday Second Chance for $55,836, bringing his 2010 online winnings to $401,497.

Despite his comfortable lead, Jarzabek still insists that the race is Gross’ for the taking. In this week’s episode of the Online Zone on Card Player TV, Jarzabek said, “If Steve wants to win the Online Player of the Year, there’s nothing I can do about it. He’s simply the best [online] tournament poker player in the world. So, it’s kind of going to be up to him. I would love to win it, that would be fantastic, but unless he wants to give it up, there’s nothing anybody can do.”

Gross still has a big lead on the rest of the pack, but he has been stuck at 4,242 points for quite some time. Perhaps his momentum has slowed or he is taking a small break, but the lull has given Jarzabek and some other players the chance to shine in his absence.

Corey BurbickWilliam “imahustla1” Givens, who led the OPOY race at one point, is now back in the top three after a nice five-day stretch, which saw him making three final tables including a win in the Friday Night Fight.

New faces to the top 10 include Corey “Comandr_Cool” Burbick (fifth) and Brandon “Are These Utz” Hall (seventh). Burbick has been very consistent, making 11 final tables and cashing for over $320,000. Hall, who took down the Aruba Poker Classic main event in October, has 10 final tables and a win in the Bodog $100,000 guarantee under his belt.

The rest of the top 10 is rounded out by Taylor “TAZED1SPURR” Paur (fourth), Ronald “ronaldgrauer” Grauer (sixth), Brent “greener_tree” Belser (eighth), “JackQKA” (ninth), and Raj “BadcardsAA” Vohra (10th).

A look at the standings:

Rank Player Name OPOY Points 2010 Winnings
1st Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek 5,058 $401,497
2nd Steve “gboro780” Gross 4,242 $472,930
3rd William “imahustla1” Givens 3,358 $324,403
4th Taylor “TAZED1SPURR” Paur 3,248 $339,067
5th Corey “Comandr_Cool” Burbick 3,218 $321,745
6th Ronald “ronaldgrauer” Grauer 3,108 $305,819
7th Brandon “Are These Utz” Hall 2,986 $214,811
8th Brent “greener_tree” Belser 2,978 $285,148
9th JackQKA 2,880 $288,659
10th Raj “BadcardsAA” Vohra 2,874 $587,673