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Poker Players Flush Out Fake Tann From Facebook

Fake Tann's Facebook Plan is Foiled


The Real Willie TannA well-loved character from the poker community has been the victim of a Facebook scam. When users of the social networking site began receiving requests from who they thought was Willie Tann for a loan of various small amounts of money for his poker accounts, and also requests for site money exchanges, suspicion arose.

The topic became a hot one across many poker forums where fellow players discussed their interactions with the Tann impersonator. Many deleted the fake Tann from their friend lists, and it is said due to all the reports, the account has now been deleted by Facebook.

One good thing to hopefully come from the controversy is that players will be more protective of their account information and should be very careful of who they trust on the Internet.

Hendon Mobster Joe Beevers expressed how he was once the victim of such an act, as did Vicky Coren, who said there are/were two fake Corens on the network.