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Aussie Millions -- Main Event Day 1

The 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event Attracts 746 Players


Joe HachemDay 1 at the 2010 Aussie Millions took place over three days beginning on Sunday, Jan. 24 and concluding tonight at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. The $10,000 AUD no-limit hold’em tournament attracted 746 players overall. The total prize pool for the event is $7.46 million, and the eventual champion will walk away with $2 million. The top 72 players will all walk away with at least $15,000.

There are four more days left in the Aussie Millions main event, and a champion will be crowned at the final table on Saturday, Jan. 29.

Card Player will provide you with a daily summary at the end of play each night during this event. The survivors from day 1 include Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer, John Juanda, Tom Dwan, and Australia’s own Joe Hachem (pictured above right). Day 2 begins tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. local time. Here is a look at a summary of the tournament statistics from the three day-one flights in Melbourne:

Payout Structure:

NOTE: All payouts in Australian Dollars (AUD)

1: $2,000,000
2: $1,100,000
3: $715,000
4: $450,000
5: $350,000
6: $250,000
7: $175,000
8-9: $125,000
10-12: $100,000
13-18: $75,000
19-24: $50,000
25-30: $40,000
31-36: $30,000
37-48: $25,000
49-56: $20,000
57-72: $15,000

Notable Eliminations:

John Myung, Shawn Buchanan, David Bach, Clonie Gowen, Chris Moorman, Erik Seidel, Tony Dunst, Vanessa Selbst, Chris Ferguson, Mike Watson, Mel Judah, Raymond Rahme, Perry Friedman, David Saab, and Phil Ivey

Day 1 Chip Counts:

Pierre Aoukar — 178,500
Chad Wiedenhoeft — 153,200
Glen Cymblauk — 146,200
Van Marcus — 125,700
Nicolas Renee — 124,600
Kostas Loutzianakis — 121,500
Ronny Kaiser — 117,000
David Olson — 116,100
Andreas Johansson — 115,000
Sorel Mizzi — 112,300

Hand of the Day:

Pierre Aoukar Charges to the Top

With blinds at 400-800 with a 100 ante, Pierre Aoukar raised to 3,500 preflop, and Charles Caris made the call from the big blind. The flop was dealt KSpade Suit 8Diamond Suit 2Heart Suit, and Caris checked. Aoukar bet 5,000, and Caris made the call. The turn fell 10Spade Suit, and Caris checked again. Aoukar bet 5,000 and Caris called.

The river fell 10Diamond Suit, and Caris checked a third time. Aoukar moved all in, and Caris made the all-in call. Caris showed down QHeart Suit 10Heart Suit, but Aoukar held 8Spade Suit 8Heart Suit for a full house. Caris was eliminated on the hand, and Aoukar grew his stack to 178,500.