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European Poker Tour Deauville -- Day 2

French Pros Battle for Top Slots on Day 2 of EPT Deauville


Praz BansiDay 2 of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Deauville saw 388 players become 133 in a day filled with big names battling to and fro with lot of explosive poker action. The blinds increased to 75 minutes from 60, and six levels were played without any dinner break. Before the event could find its day 3 chip leaders, plenty of the field had to make that disappointing journey to the other side of the rail.

Here are a couple of those bust outs:

Praz Bansi [pictured right] only lasted four hands and his demise came when after betting out, an opponent then raised to 3,100. Bansi then three-bet to 8,600. He had about 25,400 in chips behind. His opponent called and the flop fell A-J-2. The player then bet 10,000 and Bansi moved all in. His opponent called and showed A-J for two pair, while Bansi could only show one pair with A-K. No help came on the turn and river and Bansi hit the rail.

Team PokerStars Pro member Arnaud Mattern was another victim of the day. His stack was gradually chipped away at, and when he put his last 12,300 in the middle, he received a good bit of action. Stephane Albertini moved all in over the top of him, and Alain Daien made the call. Albertini showed pocket aces, Daien revealed pocket queens, and Mattern was behind but still alive with 10-9 off-suit. The board came down J-4-4-5-3 and Mattern made his exit.

Other notable busts included Cristiano Blanco, Michael Abecassis, Richard Toth, Vlad Zguba, and Team PokerStars Pro members Alex Kravchenko and Katja Thater.

Ludovic LacayAs the day was beginning to wrap up French pro Ludovic Lacay [pictured left] rose to the top of the ranks. Riccardo Mazzitelli bet 12,500, Lacay raised to 30,000, and Mazzitelli added 42,500 on top. Lacay asked how much Mazzitelli had behind and found out it was about 140,000. He then moved all in, covering the Italian, and his opponent thought for a few moments.

Making the call, Mazzitelli flipped over ASpade Suit 10Spade Suit while Lacay showed AHeart Suit KHeart Suit. The board came down AClub Suit QSpade Suit QHeart Suit 5Spade Suit 2Diamond Suit. Mazzitelli was out and Lacay was up.

At this point, Lacay was the chip leader with over 600,000 in chips, but just before the end of the night, fellow Frenchman Nicolas Levi fought his way to the top of the leader board, and at close of play Lacay was sitting third in chips with 500,500.

The top 10 in chips going into day 3 are:

Nicolas Levi: 648,500
George Claudius Secara: 535,000
Ludovic Lacay: 500,500
Stefan Fuchs: 490,500
Benjamin Juhasz: 447,000
Jake Cody: 435,500
Goghan Seref Soysan: 413,000
Andrew Teng: 372,500
Hugo Lemaire: 352,500
Maxat Aibayev: 337,000

Today they hit the money bubble with 104 getting paid, plus they will play until 24 are left standing. Check back here tomorrow to find out what happened on the way there.