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European Poker Tour Deauville -- Day 1B

French Populate Field of EPT Deauville as Day 1B Sees Big Turn-Out


Anthony LelloucheBoutique hotels, hidden bakeries exuding powerful aromas, pastel buildings filling streets making them look like something from Hansel and Gretel — and poker. It may not seem like it fits into that sentence, but somehow, in Deauville, it does.

The Casino Barriere de Deauville is not your average casino; its high ceilings, long velvet drapes, and dimly lit chandeliers create a vibe which can only be described as “high roller-esque.” And it is here in this casino that the second PokerStars European Poker Tour event of 2010 is taking place.

Day 1B attracted 429 players, which added to day 1A’s field of 339 makes a total of 768. This creates a prize pool of €3,686,400 with 104 places paid. On a side note, 481 French players entered the event overall, with the next largest group, Russia, reaching 32 in total. From there it downsizes drastically in comparison with the dominating presence of the “locals.”

Here is the payout structure:

First: €847,000
Second: €516,000

Third: €295,000

Fourth: €221,000

Fifth: €165,000

Sixth: €129,000

Seventh: €92,000

Eighth: €70,000
9-10: €51,500
11-12: €35,000
13-14: €28,000
15-16: €22,000
17-24: €18,400
25-32: €16,500
33-40: €14,700
41-48: €13,600
49-56: €12,500
57-64: €11,600
65-72: €10,900
73-80: €10,200
81-88: €9,500
89-96: €8,800
97-104: €8,100

Luca PaganoAs players now await day 2, they can take a little comfort that they are slightly nearer the money now than when they first began, as only 225 withstood day 1B, meaning a total day 2 field of 424.

Among the casualties throughout the second starting day were Kenny Hallaert, Dutch Team PokerStars Pro player Joep van den Bijgaart, Michiel Brummelhuis, Anthony Lellouche [pictured top right], Joao Barbosa, Vicky Coren, Jeff Sarwer, and Mats Iremark, who was the Deauville champ in season two.

Team PokerStars Pro members Luca Pagano [pictured left] and Dario Minieri, on the other hand, made a great impression on the field throughout the day — Pagano quietly rising through the ranks and Minieri never slowing down his aggressive style. Pagano was more successful however and ended the day as chip leader with 193,100 in chips, but the overall chip king going into day 2 will be day 1A’s leader, Robert Cezarescu, with 216,900.

The top 10 chip counts from day 1A and 1B combined, courtesy of PokerStars:

Robert Cezarescu Romania (PokerStars qualifier) 216,900
Vladimir Geshkenbein Switzerland 198,500
Luca Pagano Italy (Team PokerStars Pro) 193,100
Joannn Lenne France 187,800
Corneliu Cretu Romania 186,000
Ludovic Lacay France 185,800
Goghan Seref Soysan Belgium 184,100
Freddy Deeb USA 181,500
David Cohen France 179,900
Ilan Boubli France 175,700

Check back with Card Player tomorrow for a recap of day 2 when both surviving fields come together for a battle of wills and minds in Normandy.