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Online Poker -- DoylesRoom Puts Bounties on Brunson 10

Earn $500 For Knocking Out A Team Pro


Doyle BrunsonIt’s no secret that online bounty tournaments have exploded in popularity in the last couple years, and now DoylesRoom is rewarding its players with extra monetary incentives for playing in their new bi-weekly bounty tournament, “Beat the Brunson 10.”

The action kicks off Monday night at 9 p.m. ET Jan. 18, and will continue every other week. The tournament features a unique $10+$10+$2 buy-in, with half of the money going toward the prize pool, and the other half designated for the person who knocks you out.

In addition to the $10 bounties, DoylesRoom has added $500 bounties for knocking out one of its “Brunson 10,” a group of young, elite poker players hand selected by Texas Dolly himself.

The team currently consists of Zachary “Crazy Zachary” Clark, Amit “amak316” Makhija, Chris “Moorman1” Moorman and Dani “ansky” Stern. There are six more spots up for grabs and Brunson hasn’t ruled out the possibility that consistent winners can earn their way onto the team.

“This is a great opportunity for poker players to prove that they’ve got some raw poker talent,” said Brunson. “If someone takes down a lot of players in this thing and collects a lot of bounty money, I’m going to keep watching them as I look to add members to my team.”

Card Player readers are eligible for a DoylesRoom deposit bonus of up to $600. Click on the banner below for additional information.