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WPT -- World Poker Finals Day 2

Todd Terry Remains Close to the Top as the Field Shrinks to 68


Soheil ShamseddinThere were 206 players when day 2 began at the 2009 World Poker Tour World Poker Finals at Foxwoods Hotel and Casino in Connecticut. By the end of the night just 68 players remained. The money bubble will burst tomorrow when the final 36 remain. Day 1 chip leader Todd Terry stayed close to the top during the day, and he ends the night in third place with 396,500. One place ahead of Terry is professional Soheil Shamseddin (pictured right), who charged to the top during the day and ended up with 401,000. Everyone will be chasing the chip leader Steven Merrifield, who holds 465,100. Play will begin again tomorrow at noon EST. Check back at the end of the night for a summary of the day 3 action on Here is a look at the tournament statistics from day 2 at Foxwoods:

Notable Eliminations:

Kathy Liebert, Liv Boeree, Matt Hawrilenko, Justin Scott, John Hennigan, John Racener, Jonathan Aguiar, Steve Sung, Theo Tran, Tommy Vedes, Will Failla, Victor Ramdin, Steve O’Dwyer, Noah Schwartz, Nick Schulman, Prahlad Friedman, Isaac Baron, Chad Batista, Brock Parker, Chris Moore, Allie Prescott, Amnon Filippi, Gavin Griffin, Gavin Smith, David Fox, Emmeline Boich, Erik Cajelais, and Card Player Player of the Year leader Eric Baldwin.

Day 2 Chip Counts:

1: Steven Merrifield — 465,100
2: Soheil Shamseddin — 401,000
3: Todd Terry — 396,500
4: Terrence Chan — 394,200
5: Curt Kohlberg — 370,000
6: Frank Calo — 361,200
7: Christian Harder — 330,400
8: Jesse Martin — 329,800
9: Joe Serock — 277,000
10: Adam Gerber — 270,000

Hand of the Day:

Todd Terry Doubles Up to Nearly 400,000

With blinds at 1,000-2,000 with a 300 ante, a player in late position raised, one player called, and Todd Terry reraised from the small blind. Both opponents called and the flop was dealt KDiamond Suit JDiamond Suit 9Club Suit. Terry moved all in for 146,000 and one opponent mucked. The other opponent made the call and the two players turned up their cards:

Terry: AClub Suit 10Diamond Suit
Opponent: JHeart Suit JClub Suit

Turn and River: QClub Suit 7Spade Suit

Terry won the hand with a straight and his chip stack grew to 375,000.

Payout Structure:

1: $910,058
2: $463,332
3: $265,710
4: $232,496
5: $199,283
6: $166,069
7: $132,855
8: $99,641
9: $66,427
10-12: $46,499
13-15: $36,535
16-20: $31,533
21-25: $26,571
26-30: $23,249
31-36: $21,588