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Festa al Lago -- Ted Lawson Wins $10,000 PLO Event

Lawson Captures the Win and a Championship Rolex at Bellagio


Ted Lawson Wins the $10,000 PLO event at the 2009 Festa al Lago Classic at BellagioThe $10,000 pot-limit Omaha tournament at the 2009 Festa al Lago Classic attracted 16 players at Bellagio on Friday, October 16. The final six returned to the Fontana Lounge today to decide who would walk away with the $77,600 first-place prize. Players who fell out of contention on the first day of play included Matt Glantz, Pat Walsh, Justin Young, and Erik Cajelais". The total prize pool for the event was $155,200, and only the top three would walk away with prize money. Here is a look at the chip counts when the final day of the event began:

Chris Bjorin: 181,900
Ben Lamb: 156,700
Ted Lawson: 144,500
Jim Egerer: 69,000
David Ulliott: 48,300
Jason Mercier: 39,600

Jason Mercier had been the chip leader for most of the early paces, but a bad run late on day 1 left him on the short stack when the final day of play started. He doubled up early in the day and then some real fireworks started to fly. Ted Lawson and Jim Egerer got all of their chips into the middle, and Chris Bjorin had them both covered. Their cards:

Lawson: ADiamond Suit AHeart Suit 8Diamond Suit 6Heart Suit
Egerer: AClub Suit KHeart Suit KDiamond Suit 9Spade Suit
Bjorin: QDiamond Suit JDiamond Suit 10Club Suit 9Heart Suit

Board: ASpade Suit QSpade Suit 5Club Suit 2Spade Suit 10Heart Suit

Lawson won the hand and almost tripled up, Bjorin paid Lawson the 176,200 that he owed, and Lawson also collected the chips of Egerer, who was eliminated in sixth place. Mercier then promptly took out Bjorin in fifth place, and action was down to four players, one away from the money. The rest of the first level of the day played out with little action as a result.

David “Devilfish” Ulliott was the next player to risk his tournament life, and it paid off for him. He doubled up through Ben Lamb with trip sixes and then continued his constant stream of banter, which brought life to the final table. Devilfish was the next player to fall, though. He moved all in on a flop of 5Club Suit 3Heart Suit 2Club Suit, and Ted Lawson called him down. Lawson held ADiamond Suit JClub Suit 3Club Suit 2Diamond Suit, and Ulliott held 4Spade Suit 4Club Suit 3Diamond Suit 3Spade Suit. The turn and the river brought 6Heart Suit QClub Suit to make a flush for Lawson, and Ulliott was eliminated in fourth place, just missing the money.

Lamb doubled up to kick off three-handed action, and then he eliminated Mercier a few hands later. Mercier was all in with 10Heart Suit 6Diamond Suit 4Club Suit 3Club Suit, and Lamb held ADiamond Suit KClub Suit 9Diamond Suit 8Club Suit with a flop of KHeart Suit 7Club Suit 4Diamond Suit sitting on the table. The turn and river fell JHeart Suit and QHeart Suit, and Mercier was knocked out in third place, taking home $31,040 in prize money. Lawson and Lamb then came to a decision to chop up the remaining prize pool, with Lawson finishing in first place and taking home the championship Rolex watch provided by Bellagio, while Lamb earned the second-place finish.

The next major tournament within the 2009 Festa al Lago Classic lineup is the $15,000 World Poker Tour no-limit hold’em championship that begins on Wednesday, Oct. 21. will provide full live updates from that event, including chip counts, photos, and videos from CardPlayer TV.