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Aruba Poker Classic Day 2

The Field Plays Down to 87 Players


Robert MizrachiThe 2009 Aruba Poker Classic has attracted a total of 475 players to the Radisson Resort in Aruba. The total prize pool for the $5,000 no-limit hold’em championship is $2,303,750, and the eventual champion will walk away with $753,330. Here is a look at the payouts:

1: $753,330
2: $414,680
3: $218,860
4: $126,710
5: $92,150
6: $66,810
7-8: $41,470
9-10: $29,950
11-12: $23,040
13-18: $18,430
19-24: $16,130
25-30: $13,850
31-36: $11,520
37-45: $9,210

Day 2 saw 263 players return to their seats, and by the end of play, just 87 remained. The notable players lost on day 2 included Michael and Nick Binger, Jean-Robert Bellande, Amit Makhija, Jim Pechac, Brandon Cantu, Joe Tehan, Bryan Devonshire, Justin Young, Tiffany Michelle, Justin Rollo, Chris Bell, and Adam Levy. Robert Mizrachi rode strong play all day long to end the night with the chip lead (353,200). His biggest boost of the day came courtesy of Card Player Player of the Year contender Eric Baldwin. Mizrachi made a wheel on the river of J-8-3-4-2 board with A-5 in the hole to win a huge pot and grow his stack to more than 300,000. Here is a look at the tournament statistics for day 2:

Day 2 Chip Leaders:

Robert Mizrachi: 353,200 (pictured right)
Matt Ross: 233,000
James Czarnecki: 208,000
Alessandro Nocerino: 205,000
Scott Stewart: 120,000
Matt Vengrin: 108,000
Eric Baldwin: 85,000
Tim West: 82,000
Casey Kastle: 78,300
Brent Roberts: 69,000

Notable Chip Counts:

Brock Parker: 62,000
Vinny Pahuja: 54,000
Gavin Smith: 50,000
John Spadavecchia: 45,100
Phil Hellmuth: 45,000
Travis Rice: 41,350
Matt Brady: 35,000
Jamie Rosen: 24,175
Robert McLaughlin: 24,000
Jason Gray: 13,125

Hand of the Day:

Matt Ross Makes a Flush

Matt Ross raised to 2,500 and an opponent reraised to 6,200. Ross made the call, and the flop was dealt JClub Suit 9Club Suit 3Club Suit. Ross checked, and his opponent bet 8,000. Ross check-raised all in for over 100,000, and his opponent made the call, their cards:

Ross: AClub Suit KHeart Suit
Opponent: KClub Suit KSpade Suit

Turn and River: 4Diamond Suit 5Club Suit

Ross made the nut flush to defeat his opponent and double up to 230,000.

Day 3 begins at noon EDT tomorrow. Check back at the end of the night for another recap of the action.