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Asian Poker Tour -- Adrien Allain Wins Macau Main Event

Allain Takes Home $391,556 USD in Prize Money for the Victory


Adrien Allain Wins the 2009 APT Macau Main EventAdrien Allain found a very unconventional way to win over $3 million HKD on Aug. 23 at the Asian Poker Tour Macau main event.

“I’m overwhelmed; this is so wonderful. I qualified for this tournament through a $5 lottery tournament on PKR and end up beating all these top players. Vive La France,” said Allain after the victory in a press release from the APT.

The $32,000 HKD ($4,400 USD) no-limit hold’em main event in Macau began on Aug. 20 and attracted a total of 326 players, and by Sunday, Allain had beaten each of his opponents to take home the top prize of $3,035,000 HKD ($391,556 USD).

Allain came into the final table facing some tough competition in Casey Kastle, David Steicke, and Poker Pack team member J.C. Tran, but Allain held on to win his first major tournament title in Macau. Kastle was the first to fall at the final table in ninth place ($16,966 HKD). Ironically, he was defeated on the third hand of play at his third consecutive APT final table. Allain busted Kastle when he hit a straight on the river.

Winfred Yu was eliminated in eighth place ($26,112 HKD), and then Allain scored his second elimination of the day when he made another straight to take out Christer Hallbrook in seventh place ($39,167 HKD). Michael Woo fell next in sixth place ($52,223 HKD) when he ran into the pocket kings of Allain. Just 20 minutes into play, four players had hit the rail.

Things then calmed down for a little bit before Chris Chau was eliminated in fifth place ($65,279 HKD). That set the stage for a four-handed battle, during which Tran and Steicke became active to seize the opportunity. The elimination of Steicke in fourth place ($91,378 HKD) slowed the action back down, and it took more than an hour for the next player to fall. Tran was forced to move all in preflop for his final 166,000 when both Allain and Inwook Choi called him down. Tran made aces up on the hand, but for the third time at the final table, Allain made a straight to eliminate an opponent. Tran was eliminated in third place ($117,470 HKD), and action was down to heads up.

Allain took a 2-1 chip advantage into the heads-up match, and it took him a half hour to eliminate his final opponent and finish an impressive victory. On the final hand, Choi found all of his chips in the middle preflop with A-Q. Allain made the call with A-3, and the board ran out 7-2-3-J-J. Choi was eliminated in the hand in second place, and he took home $1,660,000 HKD. Allain was crowned the champion and he was awarded the top prize of $3,035,000 HKD.

Here is a look at the final results:

1: Adrien Allain (FR) — HKD $3,035,000
2: Inwook Choi (Hong Kong) — HKD $1,660,000
3: J.C. Tran (USA): HKD $117,470
4: David Steicke (Hong Kong) — HKD $91,378
5: Chris Chau (Hong Kong) — HKD $65,279
6: Michael Woo (Hong Kong) — HKD $52,223
7: Christer Hallbrook (Sweden) — HKD $39,167
8: Winfred Yu (Hong Kong) — HKD $26,112
9: Casey Kastle (Slovenia) — HKD $16,966

Here are results for the side events at APT Macau:

Event No. 1: Jingyi Zhu — $51,500 HKD
Event No. 2: Chow Kut Fu — $31,500 HKD
Event No. 3: Bryan Huang — $49,877 HKD
Event No. 4: Chino Rheem — $64,200 HKD
Event No. 5: Raymond Fu — $52,500 HKD
Event No. 6: David Steicke — $1,000,000 HKD
Event No. 7: Yann Pauchon — $38,734 HKD
Event No. 8: Philipp Gruissem — $117,750
Event No. 9: (Battle of the Nations): Team Korea — $406,060
Event No. 10 ($3,500 HKD no-limit hold’em bounty event)
Event No. 10: J.C. Tran — $76,600 HKD
Event No. 11: Yau Kan Ng and Kan Yew Fatt — $36,930 HKD
Event No. 12: Jonas Andersson — $33,460 HKD
Event No. 13: Ben Savage — $45,850 HKD
Event No. 14: Aura Asilo — $13,100 HKD

NOTE: Team Korea consisted of Chino Rheem, Steve Sung, and Brandon Wong