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CPPT VII - DeepStack Championship Poker Series

$5,000 CPPT Main Event No-Limit Hold'em $2 Million GTD


A Look Back At The History Of This Event

The Venetian $5,000 main event each summer has consistently been one of the largest tournaments on the Card Player Poker Tour. In fact, four prior champions of this event are found among the top 10 ...

Asian Poker Tour -- Macau Main Event Begins Today

$32,000 HKD Main Event Runs for Four Days


APT Poker Pack Member Chino RheemThe $32,000 HKD ($4,400 USD) no-limit hold’em main event at the 2009 Asian Poker Tour stop in Macau will begin at noon local time on Thursday, Aug. 20. The main event will run for four days and will crown a champion on Sunday, Aug. 23. Players will begin with 10,000 in tournament chips in the main event, and the levels will be 60 minutes long. Blinds will begin at 25-50. There will be a 15-minute break after every two levels. Here is a look at the full schedule for the main event:

Thursday, Aug. 20: Day 1A
Friday, Aug. 21: Day 1B
Saturday, Aug. 22: Day 2
Sunday, Aug. 23: Final day

Many top professionals are expected to make an appearance at the event, including members of the Poker Pack, which includes J.C. Tran, Nam Le, Steve Sung, Quinn Do, and Chino Rheem. Rheem recently won a side event in Macau, taking home $64,200 HKD for his victory in event No. 4 ($1,150 HKD no-limit hold’em with rebuys and add-ons). Rheem was also a part of Team Korea, which won $406,060 HKD for their victory in event No. 9 ($64,000 HKD no-limit hold’em battle of the nations). Other side-event highlights include David Steicke winning $1,000,000 HKD for his victory over runner-up Nam Le in event No. 6 ($164,000 no-limit hold’em high-rollers event). Nine of the side events have crowned champions so far, and six remain on the schedule. Here is a list of the side-event winners, along with the events that have yet to be contested.

Side Event Winners

Event No. 1: Jingyi Zhu — $51,500 HKD
Event No. 2: Chow Kut Fu — $31,500 HKD
Event No. 3: Bryan Huang — $49,877 HKD
Event No. 4: Chino Rheem — $64,200 HKD
Event No. 5: Raymond Fu — $52,500 HKD
Event No. 6: David Steicke — $1,000,000 HKD
Event No. 7: Yann Pauchon — $38,734 HKD
Event No. 8: Philipp Gruissem — $117,750
Event No. 9 (Battle of the Nations): Team Korea — $406,060

NOTE: Team Korea consisted of Chino Rheem, Steve Sung, and Brandon Wong

Remaining Side Events:

Thursday, Aug. 20: Event No. 10 ($3,500 HKD no-limit hold’em bounty event)
Friday, Aug. 21: Event No. 11 ($2,500 HKD no-limit hold’em)
Saturday, Aug. 22: Event No. 12 ($2,500 HKD no-limit hold’em shootout)
Saturday, Aug. 22: Event No. 13 ($1,150 HKD no-limit hold’em rebuys+add-ons)
Saturday, Aug. 22: Event No. 14 ($1,500 HKD ladies no-limit hold’em)
Sunday, Aug. 23: Event No. 15 ($2,500 HKD six-handed no-limit hold’em)

Check back on on Sunday, Aug. 23 for a recap of the final table from Macau.