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WSOP -- Bahador Ahmadi Wins Event No. 47

Ahmadi Wins First Bracelet and $278,804


Bahador AhmadiWith only three career cashes, Bahador Ahmadi went into the final table of event no. 47 ($2,500 mixed hold’em) as one of the least experienced tournament players at the table. All of that changed when Ahmadi took home the bracelet on Friday after battling back from the short stack.

Ahmadi also made a final table at this year’s World Series of Poker in event no. 13 ($2,500 no-limit hold’em). His fourth place finish in the event was only his second career cash, but started the momentum going for the series.

After wading through a field of 527 players in event no. 47, Ahmadi was three handed with John McGuinness and 2008 November Nine member Ylon Schwartz. Ahmadi was riding the short stack with just 750,000 to the 2,000,000 of Schwartz, who looked poised for WSOP redemption after a disappointing main event finish.

However, Ahmadi never gave up and went on to steam roll his opponents, eventually having 75 percent of the chips in play when action was still three handed. It didn’t take long for him to close out the match afterward. He knocked out Schwartz and McGuinness in back-to-back hands.

Ahmadi took home the bracelet and $278,804, after besting a tough final table that also included Karlo Lopez (fourth), Barry Greenstein (fifth), Matt Woodward (sixth), Randy “Randers” Haddox (seventh) and Hasan Habib (eight).

Here are the final results:

1. Bahador Ahmadi – $278,804
2. John McGuinness – $172,227
3. Ylon Schwartz – $112,967
4. Karlo Lopez – $78,628
5. Barry Greenstein – $57,671
6. Matt Woodward – $44,530
7. Randy Haddox – $36,084
8. Hasan Habib – $30,641
9. Zachary Humphrey – $27,199

Here is a look at the elimination hands as featured in’s live updates

Zachary Humphrey Eliminated in Ninth Place ($27,199)

Zachary Humphrey raised all in preflop for just 10,000 and Randy Haddox made the call. Their cards:

Humphrey: KClub Suit7Club Suit
Haddox: 10Heart Suit8Heart Suit

Board: KHeart SuitQHeart SuitJSpade Suit7Heart SuitAClub Suit

Humphrey was eliminated in ninth place on the hand by the straight of Haddox.

Hasan Habib

Hasan Habib Eliminated in Eighth Place ($30,641)

Barry Greenstein raised to 50,000 and Hasan Habib reraised to 75,000. Greenstein made the call and the flop was dealt JDiamond Suit8Club Suit3Club Suit. Greenstein bet, forcing Habib to make an all-in call. Their cards:

Habib: AClub Suit10Diamond Suit

Greenstein: JHeart Suit9Heart Suit

Turn and River: 3Heart Suit8Spade Suit

Habib was eliminated in eighth place by the jacks and threes of Greenstein.

Randy Haddox Eliminated In Seventh Place($36,084)

Barry Greenstein raised to 55,000 from middle position and the action was on Randy Haddox. He moved all in for 144,000 and Greenstein looked him up. Greenstein showed KSpade SuitJSpade Suit while Haddox was dominating with AHeart SuitKHeart Suit. The flop was harmless for Haddox as it came 9Club Suit5Club Suit5Heart Suit. The turn was another story as the JDiamond Suit hit the board, pairing Greenstein. The 7Club Suit completed the board and Haddox was gone in 7th place.

Matt Woodward

Matt Woodward Eliminated In Sixth Place($44,520)

Action folded around to Matt Woodward on the button. He shoved all in for 324,000 and was immediately called by Bahador Ahmadi in the small blind. Barry Greenstein folded in the big blind and Woodward tabled AHeart Suit10Heart Suit while Ahmadi showed ADiamond SuitASpade Suit.

The board ran out AClub SuitKDiamond Suit2Club Suit7Spade SuitJDiamond Suit, failing to help Woodward and he was eliminated in 6th place.

Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein Eliminated in Fifth Place ($57,761)

Ylon Schwartz raised to 80,000 preflop and Barry Greenstein made the call. The flop was dealt KDiamond Suit2Heart Suit2Spade Suit and Greenstein raised all in. Schwartz made the call. Their cards:

Schwartz: QHeart SuitQDiamond Suit
Greenstein: 8Heart Suit6Club Suit

Turn and River: 10Club Suit9Club Suit

Greenstein was eliminated in fifth place.

Karlo Lopez Eliminated in Fourth Place ($78,628)

Ylon Schwartz raised to 80,000 preflop and Karlo Lopez reraised to 120,000. John McGuinness reraised it to 160,000 and both Schwartz and Lopez made the call. The flop was dealt 6Diamond Suit3Club Suit2Heart Suit and McGuinness bet 40,000. Schwartz made the call and Lopez called all in.

The turn fell QDiamond Suit and McGuinness bet 80,000. Schwartz mucked and McGuinness turned over pocket sixes. Lopez turned over K-9 and after the 3Heart Suit fell on the river he was eliminated in fifth place.

Ylon Schwartz

Ylon Schwartz Eliminated in Third Place ($112,967)

Bahador Ahmadi raised to 105,000 on the button and Ylon Schwartz moved in for a total of 495,000. Ahmadi called with ASpade Suit2Spade Suit and Schwartz was behind with QDiamond Suit10Spade Suit.

The board came out 8Club Suit5Spade Suit3Heart SuitKDiamond SuitKClub Suit and Schwartz was eliminated.

Bahador Ahmadi Wins Event No. 47 ($278,804) John McGuinness Eliminated in Second Place ($172,227)

The end came just minutes later when John McGuinness and Bahador Ahmadi saw a flop of ADiamond Suit7Spade Suit2Diamond Suit.

McGuinness moved all in for his last 290,000 and Ahmadi called with JDiamond Suit3Diamond Suit and a flush draw. McGuinness showed 10Diamond Suit10Heart Suit but was drawing dead when the KDiamond Suit hit the turn.

The meaningless 4Club Suit on the river sent McGuinness to the rail and gave Ahmadi the bracelet in the mixed hold’em event.