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WSOP -- Ville Wahlbeck Wins Event No. 12

Earns $492,375 And First Bracelet, Chiu Misses Out On 5th Bracelet Finishing 2nd


Ville WahlbeckThe World Series of Poker’s $10,000 buy-in events draw the best players in the world. The competition is fierce and simply finishing in the money is a great accomplishment. The winners of these events get the distinction of being called a world champion. For Ville Wahlbeck, these events have treated him kindly in 2009. He finished third in the $10,000 Stud event last week and has captured his first bracelet and earned the right to call himself World Champion of the $10,000 Mixed Event by taking down some of poker’s best.

Prior to the 2009 WSOP, Wahlbeck had cashed four times in WSOP events, his most recent in 2007. However, he never managed to cash in on a five-figure payday. That’s all changed in 2009 as he has bettered his overall winnings by more than 200 times with his results.

Wahlbeck took home $492,375 for winning this bracelet to go along with the $152,915 he pocketed for finishing third in the event no. 6.

This tournament attracted 194 of the best poker players in the world. Notables like Daniel Negreanu, Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson were just some of the names who participated in the event. However, none of these players were lucky enough to secure one of the 24 spots that paid out in this event. Those who did cash included big names like Max Pescatori, Michael Binger, John Cernuto, Huck Seed, Mark Gregorich, Todd Brunson and his father, the legend himself, Doyle Brunson.

Joining Wahlbeck at the final table were David Chiu, Todd Brunson, Mike Wattel and Huck Seed. These four players alone held 10 bracelets between them. James Van Alstyne, Scott Dorin and Mark Gregorich rounded out the final table and each sought their first bracelet, along with Wahlbeck.

Wahlbeck entered the final table with the chip lead, but that evaporated just one hour into play at the final table. Wahlbeck found himself battling from the short stack for most of Saturday night and early into Sunday morning. Despite the odds stacked against him, he hung around long enough to get down to three-handed play against David Chiu and online professional Scott Dorin.

It was here where Wahlbeck made his move. In what seemed like a flash, Wahlbeck went from the short stack to the dominant chip leader. He took big pots away from his two opponents and by the time he got to heads-up play against David Chiu, Wahlbeck had a huge 5-1 chip lead.

The final hand occurred during the Omaha Eight-or-Better portion. David Chiu had survived a few hands in which he put his chips all in and the situation arose again as Chiu was all in preflop. Wahlbeck had a slight advantage before the flop and maintained it after the flop. But the turn gave Chiu the lead and the four-time bracelet winner was well on his way to a desperately needed double up. Unfortunately for Chiu, the river gave Wahlbeck a Broadway straight to win the pot and the tournament.

Here are the official final table results:

1. Ville Wahlbeck — $492,375
2. David Chiu — $304,176
3. Scott Dorin — $199,940
4. Mark Gregorich — $139,159
5. Huck Seed — $102,286
6. James Van Alstyne — $79,981
7. Mike Wattel — $64,373
8. Todd Brunson — $54,845

Here are the elimination hands as they were reported on’s live updates:


Todd Brunson Eliminated in 8th Place ($54,845)Todd Brunson

With the stakes rapidly rising, Todd Brunson decided to make his last stand with a split pair of tens. Unfortunately for Brunson, he ran his pair of tens right into David Chiu’s rolled-up kings. Chiu filled on the river while Brunson bricked-out. The final hands were as follows.

Chiu: (KClub Suit)(KDiamond Suit)KHeart Suit4Spade Suit2Spade SuitQClub Suit(QDiamond Suit)
Brunson: (ASpade Suit)(10Spade Suit)10Diamond SuitKSpade Suit4X 2X (7X)

Todd Brunson is eliminated in 8th place ($54,845).


Mike WattelMike Wattel Eliminated in 7th place ($64,373)

David Chiu raises to 55,000 from the button and Mike Wattel moves all in for 56,000. Chiu calls the additional 1,000 and both players turn over their cards.

Wattel: 9Spade Suit9Diamond Suit
Chiu: KClub Suit8Club Suit

Board: ADiamond SuitKDiamond SuitJClub Suit8Diamond Suit4Spade Suit

Wattel gets it in good with a pair of nines, but Chiu flops a king and turns an eight for two pair. Mike Wattel is eliminated in 7th place ($64,373).


James Van AlstyneJames Van Alstyne Eliminated In 6th Place($79,181)

David Chiu raised the pot, 55,000 preflop and Huck Seed made the call. The action was then on Van Alstyne who re-potted to 220,000. Chiu made the call and Seed decided to come along as well. The flop dropped 10Heart Suit9Spade Suit4Diamond Suit and Van Alstyne moved in for his final 596,000. Chiu made the call and Seed got out of the way. Both players then turned up their hands.

Chiu: QHeart SuitJClub Suit10Spade Suit9Club Suit
Van Alstyne: AHeart SuitASpade SuitJHeart Suit2Club Suit

Chiu hit top two pair and had an open ended straight draw to go with it. Van Alstyne’s aces were in trouble and the KClub Suit on the turn didn’t help as it made Chiu’s straight. Van Alstyne needed a Queen to make Broadway or else he would be eliminated. The 7Spade Suit on the river sealed his fate and he was shown the door in sixth place, good enough for $79,181.

Limit HE

Huck SeedHuck Seed Eliminated In 5th Place($102,286)

After the flop came down QHeart Suit4Heart Suit2Diamond Suit, David Chiu bet 50,000 and Huck Seed raised it to 100,000. Chiu made the call and the turn brought the 2Club Suit. Chiu checked to Seed who moved his remaining 76,000 into the middle. Chiu made the call and the players tabled their hands.

Seed: AHeart SuitQDiamond Suit
Chiu: JHeart Suit9Heart Suit

Seed was out in front with two pair and needed to dodge Chiu’s flush draw to double up and get right back into contention. But the river brought the 5Heart Suit, making Chiu his heart flush and knocking Seed out in 5th place. Seed took home $102,286 for his efforts.

2-7 Triple Draw

Mark GregorichMark Gregorich Eliminated In 4th Place($139,159)

Prior to the first draw, Scott Dorin raised to 120,000 and Mark Gregorich three-bet to 180,000. Dorin then capped the betting to 240,000 and Gregorich called the remainder of his stack. It was then time to draw.

First Draw: Dorin draws 2 cards, Gregorich draws 2 cards

Second Draw: Dorin draws 2 cards, Gregorich draws 1 card

Third Draw: Dorin stands pat, Gregorich draws 1 card

After the final draw, Gregorich revealed his hand and had a 10 low. It was not good enough, however, as Dorin revealed an eight low and knocked Gregorich out of the tournament in 4th place. Gregorich earned $139,159 for his finish.

Scott Dorin Eliminated In 3rd Place($199,940)

Scott Dorin raised to 160,000 from the button and Ville Wahlbeck three-bet to 240,000. Dorin then raised all in and Wahlbeck made the call. It was then time to draw.

First Draw: Wahlbeck draws 2 cards, Dorin draws 1 card

Second Draw: Wahlbeck draws 1 card, Dorin draws 1 card

Third Draw: Wahlbeck and Dorin stand pat

Wahlbeck turned over the second best hand in triple draw, 7-6-4-3-2. Dorin could only stay alive by revealing the wheel, but instead showed a nine low and he was eliminated in 3rd place, earning $199,940.

David ChiuVille Wahlbeck Wins Event 12, David Chiu Eliminated In 2nd Place

With more than a 5-1 chip lead entering heads-up play against David Chiu, it was only a matter of time before Ville Wahlbeck won his first WSOP bracelet.

The game was Omaha-8 and David Chiu was extremely short stacked. That short stack was all in preflop and Wahlbeck made the call. The players then showed down their hands.

Chiu: AClub Suit5Club Suit10Spade Suit9Diamond Suit
Wahlbeck: ADiamond SuitQDiamond Suit8Diamond Suit8Spade Suit
Board: JClub SuitJSpade Suit5Heart Suit10Diamond SuitKClub Suit

Chiu was able to take the lead on the turn when he paired his 10, but Wahlbeck ended the event when he made Broadway on the river and Chiu was eliminated in 2nd place, earning $304,176.

Wahlbeck took home his first WSOP bracelet and the largest cash-out of his career, pocketing $492,375.