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Daniel Nutt Wins Dusk Till Dawn Main Event

Nutt Wins DTD Main Event which saw Overlay of £71,000; Club "Highly Likely" to Close


Daniel Nutt took down the Dusk Till Dawn main event which ran from May 27 to 30. The buy-in for the event was £1,000 and it had a guaranteed prize pool of £250,000. The only problem was that 194 players turned out which meant the club saw a loss of £56,000, plus £15,000 from an online qualifier at

Owner of the club, Rob Yong, said, “It’s been a total disaster. We’ve lost a lot of players due to the FA cup, upcoming poker events, and the very good weather.”

Although the club had to dig deep for £71,000, this was great news for those who took part, and Nutt received the best of it with £81,250 for first place. The structure also proved very popular, with each player starting off with 20,000 chips and the blinds increasing every two hours.

Poker Manager at the club, Simon Trumper, said, “I’m a little disappointed by the turnout but all the players have been raving about how they haven’t seen a structure as great as this in a long time.”

The final table of the event looked like this:

James “Fido” Atkin
Mo Muse
Tassos Grigoriou
Peter Charalambous
William Martin
Pete Conduit
Danny Toffel
Daniel Nutt
James Mitchell

The heads-up match saw Charalambous with 1.8 million in chips versus Nutt’s 2.1 million. The final hand saw various raises and reraises until Nutt shoved all in from the button which was insta-called by Charalambous who revealed pocket jacks. Nutt showed KSpade Suit8Spade Suit. Runner-runner spades gave Nutt the flush and 90 percent of the chips in play, completely crippling Charalambous, who was all-in two hands later.

Charalambous took home £47,500 for second place. Nutt, who received the title and £81,250, said, “Happy Days! It’s a great result, the best I’ve had before, I’ll be off to Vegas now!”

Elsewhere the Nottingham Evening News yesterday quoted owner Yong as saying the club was “highly likely” to close in the near future, with the paper predicting this could be as soon as the next two weeks.

“It’s very saddening after all the hard work that myself and my staff have put into the club but it’s highly likely we’ll be closing,” Yong reportedly said.