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EPT -- Grand Final Day 4

Final Table Found on Day 4 as Big Names Hit Rail


Day 4 of the European Poker Tour Grand Final began with 31 players and it took ten and a half hours for that number to dwindle down to eight. Tomorrow is the all-important day and will be life-changing for some, particularly the person who gets to take home $3,056,255 for first place.

It wasn’t long before the first player hit the rail when a short stacked “Miami” John Cernuto finished in 31st place, leaving five Americans behind in the field, with Matt Woodward as the dominating force for a good chunk of the day.

Here is a list of the payouts from 30th to 14th:Alain Roy

30: Jaime Vilela - €45,000

29: Leonardo Patacconi -

28: Vadim Shlez Eliminated — €45,000

27: Patrick Wymann — €45,000

26: Leonardo Patacconi — €45,000

25: Amicha Barer — €45,000

24: George Danzer — €52,000

23: Olivier Douce — €52,000

22: Alain Roy — €52,000

21: Bart Spijkers — €52,000

20: Jason Somerville — €52,000

19: Gregory Zima — €52,000

18: Roger Hairabedian — €52,000

17: Sergio Castelluccio — €64,000

16: Alexander Morozov — €64,000

Here are the rest of the bust outs as reported in’s live updates as day 4 made its way towards the final eight:

Johannes Strassman Eliminated in 14th Place (€77,000)

Johannes Strassmann moves all-in for 500,000 and Peter Traply shoves over the top for 3 million. Traply shows A K and Strassmann has A 9.

The board comes 7 5 2 10 Q and Strassman leaves in 14th place for €77,000.

Annette ObrestadAnnette Obrestad Eliminated in 13th Place (€77,000)

Mikhail Tulchinsky bets 150,000 from the hijack, Annette Obrestad calls from the button, and the big blind Pieter de Korver calls. The flop comes Q 9 7, de Korver checks, as does Tulchinsky, and Obrestad brings out the big guns again. She bets 300,000 and de Korver raises it to 500,000. Obrestad pushes all-in and de Korver calls. Obrestad shows aces while de Korver reveals pocket nines for the set. The turn is the 4 and the river is the nail in the coffin – 9, giving de Korver quad nines.

Obrestad goes out in 13th place for €77,000 after some outstanding play.

Steven Silverman Eliminated in 12th Place (€97,000)

Daniel Zink moves all in and Steven Silverman calls. Zink has A K, Silverman A Q, and the board comes J 5 5 10 6. Zink has Silverman covered and so the young American goes out in 12th place for €97,000.

Grayson Physioc Eliminated in 11th Place (€97,000)

Matt Woodward raises to 160,000 preflop, Grayson Physioc shoves all in for 1,340,000. Woodward calls with A 9 and Physioc shows 7 7. The board comes A K 10 J and Physioc prays for another spade. The river is the 6 and Physioc is out in 11th place for €97,000.

Marcus Naalden Eliminated in 10th Place (€125,000)Marcus Naalden
Marcus Naalden moves all in preflop for 520,000 and Dag Martin Mikkelsen reraises all in to isolate. The plan works and the final two players flip up their cards:

Naalden: 74

Mikkelsen: KK

Board: 96295

Mikkelsen wins the hand to grow his stack to 4.6 million and Naalden is eliminated in 10th place. He will take home €125,000 in prize money. 

Christopher Rossiter Eliminated in Ninth Place (€125,000)

Christopher Rossiter moves all in preflop for 1,475,000 and Mikhael Tulchinsky asks for a count. He dcides to fold and then action is on Dag Martin Mikkelsen, who decides to call. Their cards:

Rossiter: AQ

Mikkelsen: 86

Board: A8547

Mikkelsen wins the hand with a straight on the river. Rossiter is eliminated in ninth place and he takes the bad beat in stride. He brings home €125,000 in prize money and play ends for the night.

Dag Martin MikkelsenThe remaining players preparing for the journey tomorrow, which begins at noon (local time) are:

Alem Shah: 1,490,000

Daniel Zink: 1,865,000

Pieter de Korver: 2,500,000

Eric Qu: 2,880,000

Mikhail Tulchinsky: 3,220,000 

Peter Traply: 4,365,000

Matt Woodward: 4,560,000

Dag Martin Mikkelsen: 7,315,000

Join Card Player then for all the live action of the most anticipated event of the season, the EPT Grand Final in the affluent, luxurious, and breathtaking Monte Carlo.

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