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WPT Championship -- Day 2

162 Players Remain


It took eight levels and just under three days, but the entire remaining field at the WPT Five-Star World Poker Classic was finally able to fit inside the Fontana Lounge. The first two days of play saw only 36 players bust, leaving 302 to crowd each and every table available, including part of the main poker room across the casino floor. Despite the deep stacks and slow-moving blinds, the players busted rapidly to start the day, and the field quickly cut itself down to a manageable size.

During play, it was discovered that the field of 337 was actually 338, due to a miscount in the player entries. As a result, the prize pool and payouts were slightly altered to reflect the additional $25,000.

Continue reading to see how the Card Player live updates team reported all of the action:

Justin YoungJustin Young Busts Amnon Filippi

Justin Young took the chip lead thanks to a huge pot he won against Amnon Filippi. Young held a straight with 8-7 on a board of K-5-4-6-2 against Fillippi's 3-2 for a lower straight.

Interestingly, both of these players made the final table here in December when David "Chino" Rheem won the Five-Diamond World Poker Classic. Filippi won't be at this final table, but Young has increased his chances with a stack of 505,000.

Gavin Smith Eliminated by Justin Young

Justin Young put Gavin Smith on an all-in decision with a board of 10 10 5 6 A sitting on the table. Smith eventually made the call, and Young turned up 10 8. Smith mucked, and he was eliminated from the tournament. Young increased his chip lead to 523,000.

Bertrand GrospellierBertrand "ElkY" Grospellier Gets Lucky, Wins Huge Pot

The board read J-10-9-8 when an unknown player bet 13,000. Shawn Cunix raised to 40,000, and Bertrand Grospellier made the call. The original bettor called, and the river was a king. Cunix then bet, Grospellier moved all in, and the other player folded. Cunix called, showing K-Q for the flopped nuts, but the river counterfeited his hand and Grospellier took the pot with A-Q for a Broadway straight.

Grospellier took the huge pot to move to 545,000, and Cunix was left crippled.

End of Day 2 -- Chip Leaders

Play ended with 162 survivors who will return at noon on Tuesday to play another five levels. Here is a look at the chip leaders.

  1. Jean Noel Thorel -- 743,500
  2. Bertrand Grospellier -- 678,300
  3. Steve Billirakis -- 672,400
  4. Dan Heimiller -- 655,700
  5. Justin Young -- 621,800