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Christer Johansson Wins Irish Open 2009

Swede Makes Experience Pay Over Kara Scott at Fascinating Final Table


Kara ScottThe €3,500 buy-in Irish Open 2009 was another fine example of how live poker in Europe remains resilient in the current economic climate with 701 players taking to the felt in Dublin over the weekend, beating last year's 668 and creating a prize pool of over €2.2 million. When the dust settled and the final table was set, it looked like this:

Seat 1: Lee Brooke-Pearce — 998,000
Seat 2: Andrew Pantling — 2,286,000
Seat 3: Andrew Bradshaw — 351,000
Seat 4: Kara Scott (pictured right) — 701,000
Seat 5: William Kassouf — 569,000
Seat 6: Bradley Verburg — 217,000
Seat 7: Christer Johansson — 906,000
Seat 8: Atanas Gueorguiev — 990,000

Andy Bradshaw Eliminated Eighth (€56,000)

Andy raised for the second hand in a row, and Atanas reraised all in. Andy called, and the pot was 824,000.

K-K for Atanas
A-Q for Bradshaw
T 6 4 was the flop
10 on the turn
4 on the river.

Atanas now had over 1.4 million in chips.

Andy finished eighth for €56,000

Bradley Verburg Eliminated Seventh (€74,600)

Pantling raised, and Verberg announced all in. It was 134,000 more to Pantling, and he called.

Pantling: K J
Bradley: A 2
J-7-2 was the flop
Turn: 4. This gave a flush draw to Verberg
River: 6

Pantling won the hand, and Verburg was dispatched in seventh for €74,600.

William Kassouf Eliminated Sixth (€100,800)

Atanas raised to 105,000 after the blinds had gone up to 15,000-30,000. Atanas pushed all in and was called by Kassouf. The pot was 676,000.

Kassouf: J-J
Atanas: Q-Q
Flop: T 8 6
Turn: 9
River: A

With that, William Kassouf was on his way home with €100,800.

Lee Brooke-PearceLee Brooke-Pearce Eliminated Fifth (€130,600)

Lee Brooke-Pearce (pictured left) moved all iin and was snap-called by Andrew Pantling for a pot of 487,000.

Lee had 5-8, and Andrew had K-T.

Flop: A 6 3.
Turn: K
River: 7

Brooke-Pearce busted and left with €130,600.

Atanas Gueorguiev Eliminated Fourth (€163,300)

Atanas raised and Pantling reraised. Kara Scott then re-reraised to 500,000, which was met by an immediate shove from Atanas. Pantling folded and Kara eventually called for a pot of 2 million.

Kara had A-Q with K-K for Atanas.
5-3-3 was the flop, giving no help to Kara.
8 on the turn.
Ace on the river.

With that, we waved goodbye to the Bulgarian, who didn’t really put a foot wrong all day. Kara now had 61 percent of all the chips in play.

Andrew Pantling Eliminated Third (€205,200)

Pantling opened the pot to 102,000. Kara called, but Christer reraised to 500,000. Pantling immediately announced he was all in for 754,000. Christer called for the 254,000 more.

Christer: K-Q
Pantling: 7-7
Flop: 8 8 6
Turn: 5
River: Q

The young Canadian was rivered and walked away with €205,200.Christer Johansson, Irish Open Champion 2009

At the beginning of heads-up play, the chip counts were:

Kara Scott: 3.7 million
Christer Johansson (pictured right): 3.3 million

The two-player battle saw the Swede grind Kara Scott down until he had most of the chips in play. Then, in hand No. 13 of the match, it was all over.
Kara raised to 140,000, and Christer called.

Flop: K J 7

Kara bet 175,000, Christer then pushed a stack forward and raised to 575,000 total. Kara moved all in for 2.5 million. It was another 1.9 million for Christer to call, and he did.

Kara: J-9
Christer: K-3
Turn: Q
River: A

The popular Kara Scott was eliminated in second place, and Christer Johansson won the 2009 Paddy Power Poker Irish Poker Open.

Elsewhere, to cap a great day for Irish poker, the $10,300 Spring Championship of Online Poker main event was won by Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth from Galway, Ireland. Ainsworth, who won the Irish Poker Championship in 2008, beat 501 opponents to take down the top prize of $963,338.

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