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Bay 101 Shooting Star -- Day 2

The Money Bubble Bursts and 36 Players Remain


Daniel AlaeiDay 2 at the Bay 101 Shooting Star World Poker Tour $10,000 no-limit hold’em event saw the field shrink from 145 players down to the final 36. The money bubble burst as well today, and every player remaining will take home at least $15,000 in prize money tomorrow. Here is a look at the players that cashed today:

45: Wook "Danny" Kim -- $12,500
44: Venkatesh Kirshamoorthy -- $12,500
43: Robert Franscioni -- $12,500
42: Faraz Jaka -- $12,500
41: David Zhang -- $12,500
40: Daniel Urdahl -- $12,500
39: Amir Lehavot -- $12,500
38: Daniel Alaei -- $12,500
37: Osman Wakili -- $12,500

Day 2 was especially hard on the 20 remaining shooting stars. Only four remained at the end of the day, while 16 fell. Here is a list of those shooting stars in action:

Paul WasickaBrandon Cantu - out
John Cernuto - out
T.J. Cloutier - out
Hoyt Corkins - 124,500
Allen Cunningham - out
Freddy Deeb - out
Annie Duke - out
Eli Elezra - out
Jennifer Harman - out
Howard Lederer - out
Kathy Liebert - 405,000
Erick Lindgren - out
Jonathan Little - out
Daniel Negreanu - out
Men Nguyen - out
David Pham - out
Joe Sebok - 116,500
Gavin Smith - out
Kenny Tran - out
Paul Wasicka - 297,000

Chris MooreAt the end of the night, the Michael Kamran emerged with the chip lead, holding 570,500 to pace the field. Here is a look at the top of the leader board at the end of play:

Michael Kamran: 570,500
Tony Behari: 548,000
Chris Moore: 539,500
Daniel O'Brien: 478,000
John Monnette: 459,000
Tyler Cornell: 425,000
Kathy Liebert: 405,000
Chau Vu: 315,500
Steve Dempsey: 302,500
Paul Wasicka: 297,000

Check back in tomorrow as the final 36 play down to a television table of six. Tables will be seated six-handed tomorrow and there is 61 minutes and 53 seconds left in level 17. Check back in at noon for all of the action in live updates, chip counts, and photos.

Here is a look at the highlights from the day as featured in’s live updates:

Michael KamranDaniel Alaei Eliminated in 38th Place ($12,500)

Daniel Alaei raised to 12,000 from early position and Michael Kamran reraised from the small blind to 35,000. Alaei reraised to 75,000 and Kamran moved all in. Alaei made the all-in call and both players turned up their cards:

Alaei: KK
Kamran: AA

Board: Q9887

Alaei was eliminated in 38th place on the hand and he will take home $12,500 in prize money. Kamran took home the $5,000 bounty.

Vincent Shaw Busts on the Bubble

Vincent Shaw moved all in preflop for 20,000 and both Hoyt Corkins and Farzad Bonyadi called him down. The two live pllayers checked down a board of 1063Q7 and Corkins bet 15,000. Bonyadi got out of the way and Horkins flipped over 98. Shaw mucked his hand and he busted out of the tournament as the bubble boy. Every player left will now walk away with at least $12,500.

Farzad BonyadiFarzad Bonyadi Doubles Up

A flop of QQ6 sat on the table along with 100,000 in the pot when Farzad Bonydai moved all in for 85,000. Corkins went into the tank for a long while and finally made the call. Their cards:

Corkins: 1010
Bonyadi: AA

Turn and River: 29

Bonyadi doubled up on the hand to 270,000 and he is now among the chip leaders.

Daniel Negreanu Eliminated

Daniel Negreanu moved all in under the gun for 6,400. And both the big blind and Jeremy Meier called him down. Their cards:

Meier: JJ
Big Blind: 1010
Negreanu: AK

Board: J5348

Negreanu was eliminated on the hand and Meier collected the $5,000 bounty.

Brandon CantuFreddy Deeb and Brandon Cantu Eliminated

Brandon Cantu and Freddy Deeb moved all in preflop and John Monnette called them both down. Their cards:

Monnette: AQ
Cantu: 44
Deeb: 1010

Board: AK2J6

Deeb and Cantu were eliminated on the same hand, while Monnette added to his chip lead while collecting $10,000 in bounties. He now holds 395,000.

Joe Sebok Doubles Up Again

Joe Sebok moved all in on a flop of J109 with 87 and one player called him down with J10. The turn and river fell 4A and and Sebok doubled up again. He now holds 170,000 to jumps to the top of the leader board.

Joe Sebok Doubles Up

Joe Sebok moved all in preflop with A-K and one opponent called him down with pocket queens. The board rattled off K-J-2-4-7 and Sebok doubled up to survive with 120,000.