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European Poker Tour Copenhagen Day 1B Update

Record Field Full of Champions Vying for $1 Million-Plus Payday


Gus Hansen and Bertrand A recession-busting total of 462 players paid the 50,000 Danish Kroner (approx. $8,465) buy-in to the European Poker Tour Copenhagen — two more than last year which, in the current economic climate, is no mean feat. This created a total prize pool of 22,176,000 DKK (€2,976,644 or $3,754,400) from which the winner will walk away with €878,110 or $1,111,064.

One table stood out from the throng immediately, hosting as it did, French legend Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, a recently-signed-to-Full-Tilt Michael Tureniec, World Series of Poker Europe champion Annette Obrestad, and WSOP and WSOPE bracelet holder Jesper Hougaard.

Among these, an empty seat held for Gus Hansen, who would join after a few levels.

Familiar faces included William Thorsson, the new European Open champion Roberto Romanello, Ricardo Sousa, Isabelle Mercier, EPT Barcelona champ Sebastian Ruthenberg, Danny "THE_D_RY" Ryan, EPT Prague final tablist Andrew Chen, Jonas Molander, Ivo Donev, Brian Jensen, Orjan Holt, Johnny Lodden, Stuart Rutter, Carter Gill, EPT Hungarian Open third-place finisher Martin Jacobson, tennis star Boris Becker, Russian Alexander Kravchenko, Markus Golser, EPT Deauville fourth-place finisher Andrea Benelli, and Ramzi Jelassi.

Norwegian Johnny Lodden was an early casualty, as was Swede William Thorsson, having run jacks into queens on a low flop before heading for the exit.

Also down and out well before play got interesting were Ivan Demidov, Jesper Hougaard, Ricardo Sousa, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, and Boris Becker.

Annette Obrestad was in good form, sitting as still as a statue with her dark shades on.

After raising all in preflop, Gus Hansen called with 10-10. Obrestad showed K-Q. The board fell A-K-7-9-3, and it was all over for Mr. Hansen. The pot worth just over 11,000 went towards Obrestad's rapidly bulging stack.

Italian Andrea Benelli had an incredible late run. The sound of "That's so sick" drew attention to his table.Andrea Benelli

On a flop of 7 5 3, Theo Jorgensen, then chip leader, bet 9,000, and Andrea Benelli shoved all in. Jorgensen insta-called and the two flipped over their cards.

Jorgensen: K-K
Benelli: 8-8

The turn was the A, and the river the 4.The only thing was that one of Benelli's eights had a club attached. The pot was worth just about 63,000, and all Jorgensen's hard work was diminished in a moment, thrusting Benelli into the chip lead.

Late into the evening, Stephen Chidwick, Julian Thew, and former Scandinavian Open winner Mads Andersen were busted, as were Fintan Gavin, Carter Gill, Ivo Donev, Stuart Rutter, and world Champion Peter Eastgate.

Theo Jorgensen, whose day had started so promisingly, and who will be fighting Gus Hansen this Saturday in Copenhagen, met an untimely end when his set of sixes ran up against Andrea Benelli's full house, jacks full of sixes.

It was quite apt that the Italian took the Dane out, landing the fatal blow after crippling him earlier.

 The top 10 in chips going into day 2 are:

  1. Andrea Benelli (Italy) -- 107,400
  2. Thor Hansen (Norway) -- 74,700
  3. Allan Bække (Denmark) -- 66,600
  4. Roberto Romanello (UK) -- 66,200
  5. Ola Brandborn (Sweden) -- 64,400
  6. Tore Lagerborg (Norway) -- 64,200
  7. Johan van Til (Holland) -- 62,500
  8. Albert Iversen (Denmark) -- 61,500
  9. Alexander Petersen (Denmark) -- 60,800
  10. Simon Dørslund (Denmark) -- 60,500

Today sees 182 players return to one of the toughest arenas on the EPT circuit, so be sure to join for all news, chips counts, bust outs, double-ups, and videos from the Scandinavian Open.