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European Poker Tour Copenhagen Day 1A Update

Large Field Full of Scandinavian Hopefuls Take to Felt for Fifth Scandinavian Open


Last year's Scandinavian Open champion Tim VanceDay 1A of the fifth Scandinavian Open saw 225 entrants pony up the 50,000 Danish Kroner (approx. $8,465) buy-in in an attempt to emulate previous winners Tim Vance (season four), Magnus Petersson (season three), Mads Andersen (season two), and Noah Boeken (season one).

Many familiar faces, largely Scandinavian, were scattered throughout the room, including Rasmus Nielsen, Hungarian Open fourth-place finisher Albert Iversen, Johannes Strassmann, Thor Hansen, yet another Hungarian Open final tablist, Marino Serenelli, Alain Roy, World Series main-event champion Carlos Mortensen, Luca Pagano, Polish Open champion Joao Barbosa, Christoffer Hansen, Marcin Horecki, Juha Helppi, Jani Sointula, Noah Boeken, Morten Erlandsen, Trond Erik Eidsvig, Gino Alacqua, Casey Kastle, Arnaud Mattern, and Remy Biechel.

Early casualties included Gino Alacqua, knocked out by Jani Sointula, and Christoffer “-NoName-” Hansen, while mid-session saw Patric Martenssen and Tuomas Karppinen hit the rail.

Towards the end of the night, serial EPT combatants Casey Kastle and Marino Serenelli were eliminated, as was Joao Barbosa, who busted with A-K vs. A-A. Though a flop of 4-3-2 gave split-pot potential, it was not to be for the Portuguese.

Tim Vance and Juha Helppi were also put to the sword.

Former World Series of Poker main-event winner Carlos Mortensen endured a painful tournament. Hamstrung, hobbled, crippled, or however you wish to put it, he never got going and was finally been put out of his misery having limped through most of the day.

Earlier in play, former champion Noah Boeken moved all in preflop toward the end of the night and got one caller, who was majorly short-stacked. He flipped over K K and his opponent revealed Q9.

The board fell A Q 7 9 5 to give his opponent two pair, queens and nines. Boeken donated around 2,175 to hisThor Hansen from Denmark leads the field at the end of Day 1a at the Scandinavian open opponent and was left with 7,000 for himself.

He battled back and towards the end of the night was all in for 12,275 with K K versus his opponent's A Q.

The board fell Q 8 6 7 2, and Boeken gratefully tapped the felt with his fist, doubling up to the 26,000 mark.

Elsewhere, Johannes Strassmann, Albert Iversen, and Trond Erik Eidsvig were seated right beside each other. Eidsvig and Iversen are good friends and so were having a great time, joking with each other, and knocking over each other's stacks. Strassman was cool and calm but was struggling to improve his short stack.

Ninety-six players got through the day and will return Thursday for day 2. The top 10 in chips at the end of the night were:

  1. Thor Hansen (Norway) -- 74,700
  2. Allan Bække (Denmark) -- 66,600
  3. Albert Iversen (Denmark) -- 61,500
  4. Frederik Hostrup (Denmark) -- 60,000
  5. Erik Karlsson (Sweden) -- 59,100
  6. Rasmus Nielsen (Denmark) -- 56,000
  7. Fredrik Boberg (Sweden) -- 52,800
  8. Laurence Houghton (UK) -- 52,000
  9. Christopher Lee Black (USA) -- 48,200
  10. Roger Hudson (USA) -- 46,200

Up to 250 runners are expected in today’s field for day 1B of the European Poker Tour Copenhagen, so be sure to drop by for our comprehensive live reporting from the event.