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Aussie Millions -- Main Event Day 3

Just 28 Remain in the Hunt for $2,000,000 AUD


Patrik AntoniusDay 3 of the 2009 Aussie Millions Poker Championships main event began at noon today, and 86 players remained in the $10,500 AUD no-limit hold’em tournament. Only the top 64 would receive prize money, and at the end of the night, 28 remained in the hunt for the first-place prize of $2 million that will be awarded at the conclusion of the final table on Saturday.

The money bubble burst during the second level of the day, and players who were headed home empty-handed included Eric Stiglets, Steve Sung, Joe Hachem, and the bubble boy, Will Zelmjaric. Thirty-six others fell on day 3, but they all walked away with $15,000 AUD at the very least. Here is a look at the notable bustouts on the payout list:

63: Jarred Solomon -- $15,000 AUD

61: Matt Vengrin -- $15,000 AUD

50: Scotty Nguyen -- $15,000 AUD

42: Noah Schwartz -- $20,000 AUD

41: Patrik Antonius (Pictured above) -- $20,000 AUD

39: Michael "Timex" Mcdonald -- $25,000 AUD

37: Tommy Le -- $25,000 AUD

36: Raymond Rahme -- $30,000 AUD

32: Clonie Gowen -- $30,000 AUD

When action got down to 36 players this evening the tournament format switched from eight-handed to six-handed, and that is how it will remain tomorrow. Here is a look at the chip leaders heading into day 4:

Michael Tureniec: 1,072,000
Christian Heich: 880,000
Christopher Chronis: 862,000
Rajkumar Ramakrishnan: 840,000
Annette Obrestad: 807,000
Sam Capra: 768,000
Annica Ivert: 709,000
Stewart Scott: 628,000
Richard Ashby: 606,000
Antonio Casale: 566,000

Day 4 begins tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. AEDT (5:30 p.m. PST), and it won’t end until the final table is reached. will be bringing you all of the action as the tournament plays down to the real money in live updates, chip counts, and photos.

Here are the highlights of the day, as featured in’s live updates:

Joe HachemJoe Hachem Eliminated

One player raised to 5,700 preflop, and Joe Hachem raised all in for 35,000. Hachem was called down, and the two players flipped up their hands:

Hachem: Q Q
Opponent: A 8

Board: A 7 6 9 6

Hachem was eliminated and he received a lively ovation from the crowd as he exited the tournament floor.

Scotty Nguyen Eliminated
in 50th Place ($15,000 AUD)

Sam Capra bet 12,000 preflop, and Scotty Nguyen made the call. The flop was dealt 8 4 3, and Capra bet 20,000. Nguyen made the call, and the 5 fell on the turn. Nguyen moved all in, and Capra called him down. Their cards:

Nguyen: K K
Capra: K 4

River: 4

Nguyen was eliminated by the four on the river, and he left the tournament in 50th place. Nguyen will take home $15,000 AUD in prize money.

Noah SchwartzNoah Schwartz Eliminated in 42nd Place ($20,000 AUD)

The flop read A 8 2 when Grant Levy bet 21,500 and Noah Schwartz check-raised all-in for 200,000. Levy made the call, and they flipped up their cards:

Levy: 8 8
Schwartz: A 2

The turn and river were both blanks, and Schwartz was eliminated in 42nd place. He took home $20,000 AUD in prize money.

Patrik Antonius Eliminated in 41st Place ($20,000 AUD)

Patrik Antonius bet 22,000 on a board of J J 8 3, and both Elliot Smith and Richard Ashby called him down. The river fell 5, and Antonius bet 70,000 and all in. Smith mucked, and Ashby made the call. Their cards:

Ashby: J 5
Antonius: K J

Ashby won the hand with a full house, and Antonius was eliminated in 41st place. He will take home $20,000 AUD in prize money.