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WPT: Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier Wins Festa al Lago

Nam Le Finishes Second


Bertrand GrospellierComing into the final table with the chip lead far from guarantees you a WPT title, but Bertrand Grospellier overcame pesky short stacks and players who just wouldn’t quit to win the 2008 Festa al Lago at Bellagio.

Here were the stacks heading into the final table:

Seat 1 -- Will Mietz -- 1,400,000
Seat 2 -- Osmin “Oddie” Dardon -- 2,070,000
Seat 3 -- Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier -- 6,420,000
Seat 4 -- Nam Le -- 2,275,000
Seat 5 -- Adam “Roothlus” Levy -- 1,370,000
Seat 6 -- Nenad Medic -- 3,025,000

Here’s how the action went according to’s live updates page:

Will MietzWilliam Mietz Eliminated in Sixth Place ($186,510)

The blinds are now 60,000-120,000 with a 15,000 ante.

Bertrand Grospellier raised to 260,000, and William Mietz called from the big blind. The flop came 9 7 4, and both players checked.

The turn was the 9, pairing the board, and Mietz checked. Grospellier bet 360,000, and Mietz check-raised all in for 1,075,000. Grospellier called and showed A 10 for just ace high, but, amazingly, it was good against Mietz and his K 10.

The river was the 9, and Mietz was eliminated in sixth place, earning $186,510.

Adam LevyAdam Levy Eliminated in Fifth Place ($266,445)

Bertrand Grospellier raised to 265,000 from under the gun, and Adam Levy moved all in for 2.4 million behind him.

The action folded around, and Grospellier snap-called, showing Q Q. Levy showed A 9 and needed help to stay alive.

The board came K 3 2 Q 7, and Grospellier got a set of queens to send Levy packing in fifth place. He earned $266,445 for his efforts.

Nenad MedicNenad Medic Eliminated in Fourth Place ($373,010)

Nenad Medic moved all in from the button for 1.3 million, and Bertrand Grospellier called from the big blind with K J. Medic showed pocket sixes, but the board came J 9 3 2 5, and Medic was eliminated in fourth place.

The former WPT champion earned $373,010 for his performance this week.

Nam Le Doubles Up

Bertrand Grospellier shoved from the button, and Nam Le called instantly from the small blind, showing A J. Grospellier had been caught with 83, but his cards were live.

The board ran out Q Q 9 4 6, and Le doubled up to around 2.7 million.

Oddie Dardon Takes the Chip Lead

Oddie Dardon raised to 400,000, and Bertrand Grospellier called in the small blind. The board rolled out A Q 5 7 7, and Grospellier bet 160,000. Dardon raised to 860,000, and Grospellier called. Dardon showed A-10 to win the pot and now holds a slight chip lead over Grospellier.

Oddie Bluffs Off Some Chips

Bertrand Grospellier raised from the button to 360,000, and Oddie Dardon called from the big blind. The flop came 10 10 2, and Dardon bet 550,000. Grospellier called, and the turn was the 2.

Dardon bet 1.4 million, and Grospellier moved all in. Grospellier tuned over A-4, and Dardon showed his 9-4. Dardon is now under 3 million, and Grospellier chips up to more than 11 million.

Oddie DardonOsmin “Oddie” Dardon Eliminated in Third Place ($506,245)

Bertrand Grospellier raised to 330,000 on the button, and Nam Le folded from the small blind. Oddie Dardon studied for a bit and reraised to 1,130,000.

Grospellier moved all in, and Dardon stood up. Le only had 900,000 in his stack, and this was a big decision to gamble here to move up one spot. After only a few seconds, Dardon said, “That’s a move,” and called with A J. Grospellier turned over 10 2, and Dardon clapped his hands together in celebration.

However, the board came 9 4 2 9 3, and Grospellier’s pair of deuces sent Dardon home in third place. This is Dardon’s biggest career score for $506,245.

Bertrand GrospellierHeads-Up Chip Counts

Here are the official heads-up chip counts:

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier -- 15,635,000
Nam Le -- 925,000

Bertrand Grospellier Wins the 2008 WPT Festa al Lago

Both players got it all in for the third consecutive hand of heads-up play.

Nam Le showed A Q, and Bertrand Grospellier showed 10 10.

The board came out 10 7 6 9 K, and Le was eliminated in second place, earning $943,215.

Grospellier won his second major tournament of the year and $1,411,015.

Final Results

  1. Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier -- $1,411,015
  2. Nam Le -- $943,215
  3. Osmin “Oddie” Dardon -- $506,245
  4. Nenad Medic -- $373,010
  5. Adam “Roothlus” Levy -- $266,445
  6. William Mietz -- $186,510

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