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WPT: North American Poker Championship Day 1B

The Second Day-One Flight Draws 165 New Players


Saturday brought the second day of action at the 2008 World Poker Tour North American Poker Championship. The field grew by 165 new players who anteed up the $10,000 CDN to enter the no-limit hold’em championship event and grew the total size of the field to 288. The reason for all of these small day-one flights is that Canadian gaming restrictions require that no more than 300 poker players can play poker in the same place at the same time.

Among the 165 players that signed up to start day 1B who were not among the 100 and change that did survive included: Scott Montgomery, Robert Mizrachi, Rhynie Campbell, Noah Schwartz, Mike Leah, Jimmy Fricke, Hevad Khan, Amnon Filippi, Adam Junglen, Alec Torelli, and Gus Hansen.

Adding to the star power on day 2 will be the following professionals that did survive in addition to those on the leader board: Barry Greenstein, Matt Stout, Vanessa Rousso, Marc Karam, Will Failla, Steven Van Zadelhoff, “Miami” John Cernuto, Jordan Rich, Steve Brecher, Theo Tran, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, and recent Borgata Poker Open third-place finisher Dan Heimiller.

Noah SchwartzHand of the day:

Noah Schwartz raised from early position with pocket sevens in the hole. Five players made the call and the flop was dealt 5-4-3 rainbow. The smallest stack moved all in to open the action, and then John Hoellein raised. Schwartz then moved all in over the top of both players, everyone else got out of the way, and Hoellein made the all-in call. Hoellein showed down 7-6 for the flopped straight, while the short stack held pocket twos. The turn and river brought no help to anyone, and the short stack was eliminated, while the once large stack of Schwartz was crippled (he busted a few hands later). Hoellein scored a huge double up, and as you can see on the leader board below, he finished the night near the chip lead.

Another interesting happening on day 1B was the fact that three players scored quads. One of those players was Schwartz earlier in the day, when he spiked a fourth 10 on the turn against queens full to build the large stack that was lost late in play, and another was Steven Van Zadelhoff. The Dutch star spiked a fourth 5 on the river to win a huge hand, very strange that this happened not once, twice, but three times in one tournament day, but very exciting as well.

Lee MarkholtThe last day-one flight of the tournament takes place today in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and the surviving day-2 field will unite on Monday to play together for the first time in one room. Official prize pool information will be included in tomorrow’s report. Here is the day 1B leader board:

Jamie Rosen
: 196,300
John Hoellein: 143,400
Lee Markholt: 128,200
Xuan-Tien Nguyen: 111,000
Pat Pezzin: 107,500
Joshua Norris: 105,000
Rocco Agostino: 99,100
Matvey Telvin: 98,100
Bryn Kenney: 94,000
James Trenholm: 92,100



over 13 years ago

You said, "The smallest stack moved all in to open the action, and then John Hoellein reraised." I don't know why many people don't understand why, but the second person to act after the flop cannot reraise. After the flop, there is a bet, then a raise (not a reraise). It's a simple concept that I see misunderstood over and over again.