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WSOP: Main Event Q and A -- Brad Booth

Booth Discusses His Fast Start to the Main Event


Brad "Yukon" Booth is one of the better known poker players who calls Canada home, and he was off to a fast start in the 2008 World Series of Poker main event. At the dinner break he had 90,000 in chips and stood third overall on day 1C.

Booth, who cashed in the Omaha Hi/Lo event earlier in the WSOP, spoke with Card Player magazine before play continued after the break.

Brad BoothCameron Yoos: You are off to a tremendous start obviously. Does this get the confidence rolling or is it too early for that kind of thinking?

Brad Booth: It's definitely too early, but I'll be honest, it is nice to have a weak, passive table that allows me to pick up some key, important chips. But I've also had a few hands. No big hands or showdowns, I've just been able to pick my spots.

CY: I've heard from some other players that the quality of play in the main event is night and day from the players in the preliminaries, because there are so many online qualifiers for the main event.

BB: And here's another big advantage. Everybody is here, playing in the World Series of Poker, they are playing for like, the championship, the tournament of their life. And if you can have the senses to pick up on that?? I've put so many people all-in, just because I know they are not going to risk it unless they pretty much have kings or better. So it's something I've definitely taken advantage of.

CY: What have you done to prepare for this event? I saw you play in a couple of preliminaries. How did you approach this WSOP?

BB: I took a fairly neat approach this time. I stayed in the hotel room last night, didn't do anything, just chilled out a little bit. A lot of people wanted me to go out, you know, July 4th and everything. But I wanted to play today because I knew there was going to be a lot of hungover people. I'm trying to look for every edge I can.

CY: You cashed in the Omaha Hi/Lo, correct?

BB: Yeah, I cashed in that. The buy-in was $10,000 and I think the payout was $22,000 or $23,000. Which is great, but to be 20 spots off half a million? These tournaments are so top heavy, it's really tough to be happy unless you finish top three.

CY: Did you come into the main event confident?

BB: I did. To be honest, I'm here fighting for my life. I want this more than any tournament I've ever played in, and so I'm just going to keep plugging away. Now that the antes are coming in this round, I'm just going to continue - not to bulldoze the table - but try and use my image in some proper spots.

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