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WSOP: Joe Commisso Wins Event No. 46

Commisso Wins a 200-Hand Heads Up Match


Joe CommissoThe final table of event no. 46, six-handed no-limit hold'em looked like it was going to be a speedy affair after losing three players in the first 28 hands. But once heads up play began, it became apparent that with nearly $400,000 in prize differentials, the players would be in for a long night of heads up play. So long, in fact, that the 209 hands it took to determine a champion has become the new record for the 2008 World Series of Poker.

When all was said and done, Joe Commisso finally came out on top of his opponent Richard Lyndaker on their 13th all-in of heads up play.

Here were the chip counts and seating assignments heading into the final table:

Seat 1: Sam Trickett - 1,000,450
Seat 2: Davidi Kitai - 298,000
Seat 3: Joe Commisso - 1,961,000
Seat 4: Richard Lyndaker - 2,345,000
Seat 5: Tom Lutz - 1,493,000
Seat 6: Edward Ochana - 928,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Edward Ochana Doubles Through Richard Lyndaker

Richard Lyndaker raised to 70,000 and Edward Ochana called on the button. The flop came A103 and Lyndaker continued with a bet of 85,000. Ochana raised to 285,000 and Lyndaker put him all in. Ochana made the call and revealed his monster draw with QJ. Lyndaker showed his A4, but it failed to hold up when the turn and river came KK giving Ochana a Broadway straight and doubling him up to 1.3 million. Lyndaker took a hit down to 1.9 million.

Davidi KitaiDavidi Kitai Eliminated in Sixth Place ($120,693)

Davidi Kitai raised to 102,000 and Richard Lyndaker reraised to 240,000. Kitai moved all in and Lyndaker instantly made the call. Kitai showed pocket tens, but Lyndaker held pocket kings and a stranglehold on the hand. The board came AA32A and Kitai was eliminated in sixth place, ending his hopes for a repeat bracelet.

Tom LutzTom Lutz Eliminated in Fifth Place ($245,927)

Richard Lyndaker raised to 85,000 and Tom Lutz reraised to 210,000. Lyndaker made the call and the flop came down Q98. Lyndaker bet 275,000 and Lutz reraised to 550,000. Lyndaker moved all in and Lutz instantly called with AA, but Lyndaker showed his 99 for a flopped set. The turn and river came 42 and Lutz was eliminated in fifth place.

Sam TrickettSam Trickett Eliminated in Fourth Place ($245,927)

Sam Trickett raised to 90,000 and Edward Ochana made the call in the big blind. The flop came 1086 and Ochana led out for 105,000. Trickett raised to 405,000 and Ochana put him all in. Trickett called with KK, but the underpair had struck again, as Ochana showed down 66 for a flopped set. The turn and river came 94, and Trickett was eliminated from the tournament in fourth place.

Joe Commisso Pushes Forward

Despite avoiding the fast and furious eliminations of the first 30 hands, Joe Commisso was playing a solid and patient game, picking his spots and chipping up relatively confrontation free. After the second level of the day, he held the lead with nearly 3.6 million.

Joe Commisso Dominates Three-Handed Play

Joe Commisso has been on quite the rush since three-handed play began. His biggest pot came against Edward Ochana when Ochana completed from the small blind.  Commisso raised it 110,000 more to go from the big blind and Ochana called. The flop came J92 and Ochana checked. Commisso bet 160,000 and Ochana called. The turn was the 5 and Ochana then led out for 280,000. Commisso thought it over and made the call. The river was the 5 pairing the board and Ochana bet 500,000. Commisso called and was relieved to see that his J7 was good enough to take the pot.

After the hand, Ochana was left with under 1,000,000 and Commisso was bumped up to 4.8 million.

Edward OchanaEdward Ochana Eliminated in Third Place ($368,891)

Edward Ochana raised to 125,000 and Richard Lyndaker called in the big blind. The flop came 832 and both players checked. The turn was the 9 and Ochana bet 130,000. . Lyndaker raised to 310,000 and Ochana called. The river was the 10 and Lyndaker put Ochana all in. Ochana thought it over and called off his remaining 520,000, showing Q-10 for top pair. Lyndaker revealed his J7 for a rivered straight and Ochana was eliminated in third place.

Feeling Each Other Out

Both players have made it clear that they have no problem settling in for a long heads up battle. That being said, both have shown the propensity to go all the way with a hand they like. So far into this heads up match, Commisso has won the majority of the hands, but Lyndaker has made up a bit of ground due to two sizeable pots that went his way.

Joe Commisso Chips Away

The following hand is an example of how Joe Commisso has increased his chip lead to a 3-1 advantage, by taking 150,000 chips at a time.

Richard Lyndaker raised to 150,000 and Joe Commisso called from the big blind. Both players checked the J96 flop and Commisso took down the pot with a 225,000 bet on the 10 turn.

Richard Lyndaker Doubles Up

Joe Commisso raised to 150,000 and Richard Lyndaker reraised all in . Commisso called the million plus shove and turned over K4. Lyndaker revealed A7 and the board came 99794 to give Lyndaker the double up to 3.1 million.

Richard Lyndaker Doubles Up

Richard Lyndaker was all in for his last 900,000 against Joe Commisso's A7. Lyndaker needed help with his K6 and he got it when the board came 9868Q to double him up to about 2 million in chips.

Richard Lyndaker Doubles Up Again

On a flop of Q72 Richard Lyndaker was all in against Joe Commisso's K6. Lyndaker needed his 107to hold up, and it did when the turn and river came Q6. Lyndaker doubled to 3.5 million and Commisso keeps his lead with just over 4 million.

Joe Commisso Takes Back the Chip Lead

Joe Commisso raised to 290,000 and Richard Lyndaker called. The flop came A102 and Commisso bet 300,000. Lyndaker called and both players checked the 5 on the turn. The river was the 4 and Lyndaker bet 575,000. Commisso thought it over for a while before calling with A3, which he was relieved to see was good. Lyndaker mucked his J10 giving Commisso a slight chip advantage in the match.

Richard LyndakerHuh?

Joe Commisso raised to 315,000 and Richard Lyndaker reraised to 1,130,000. Commisso then announced he was all in and Lyndaker quickly folded despite 1/3 of his stack being in the pot. Commisso showed Q-8 and Lyndaker turned over 9-4 suited.

The Eighth All-In of Heads Up

On the 187th hand of heads up play, Joe Commisso got 3.6 million in chips all in with A8 and it held against Richard Lyndaker's J10 to double him up to over 7 million and criplled Lyndaker down to 800,000 or so.

The Ninth All-In of Heads Up

On the very next hand, Lyndaker was all in with Q7 against Commisso's A8. The worst hand won once again when the board came 107449 doubling Lyndaker to 1.6 million.

The Tenth All-In of Heads Up

A short while later, Lyndaker was all in again for his last 1.2 million with K4 against Commisso's A10. Of course, the board ran out KJ3610 to give Lyndaker the pot and a double up to 2.5 million.

The Eleventh All-In of Heads Up

On the next hand, Lyndaker pushed his QJ against Commisso's A3. Sure enough, more misery for Commisso when the board came KJ3610.

Joe Commisso Wins Event No. 46 ($911,855)

Finally, on the 13th all-in of heads up play, Joe Comisso's AQ held up against Richard Lyndaker's 97. The board came Q104108 and it was all over.

Lyndaker earned $570,551 for his runner-up finish.