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WSOP: Frank Gary Wins Event No. 41

Frank Gary's Final-Table Run can be Summed up in a Word - Patience



There were 731 players who hit the felt in event No. 41 - $1,500 mixed hold’em at the 2008 World Series of Poker. They generated a prize pool of $996,450 with the top 72 players getting paid. On the third day of play, the nine remaining players sat down at the final table to play for the $219,217 first-place prize and a WSOP bracelet.

From the start it seemed like Nick Binger would find little resistance on his way to winning his first bracelet. But Frank Gary was simply biding his time, and after Binger was eliminated in third it was Gary who rose to the forefront to beat Jonathan Tamayo heads up, and become the last man standing.

Final table starting chip counts:

Seat 1: Chris Rentes: 215,000
Seat 2: Michael Chu: 165,000
Seat 3: Alex Jalali: 70,000
Seat 4: Nick Binger: 300,000
Seat 5: David Machowsky: 160,000
Seat 6: Jonathan Tamayo: 270,000
Seat 7: Mats Gavatin: 200,000
Seat 8: Frank Gary: 300,000
Seat 9: David Sorger: 150,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Binger Busts David Sorger in Ninth Place ($19,956)

A short-stacked David Sorger moved all in for 40,500 pre-flop and Nick Binger raised to 100,000 total. Everyone else folded and Binger and Sorger were heads up. Sorger showed A J and was trailing Binger's A K. The board ran 5 5 4 3 9 and Binger took the pot, eliminating Sorger in ninth place and taking a commanding chip lead with 982,500.

Michael ChuBinger Unstoppable, Busts Michael Chu in Eight Place ($27,439)

Nick Binger made a raise to 17,000 and was called by Michael Chu from the big blind. On a flop of 10 4 2 Chu checked and Binger bet 32,000. Chu thought momentarily, then shoved all in for 145,000 total. Binger made the call and showed 10 5 for top pair. Chu showed 8 8 and was behind. The turn brought the Q and the river was the A, and Binger eliminated Chu in eighth place.

Binger KOs Mats Gavatin in Seventh Place ($34,923)

Nick Binger bet 30,000 on a flop of Q 7 7 and was raised by Mats Gavatin to 95,000. Binger thought for a while then moved all in. Gavatin called. Binger showed 7 6 for trips and Gavatin needed some help with A 5 for the nut flush draw. The turn (4) and river (Q) didn't save Gavatin and he was eliminated in seventh place as Binger continued his reign of terror.

MacHowsky Eliminated by Binger in Sixth Place ($44,903)

David MacHowsky moved all in and was insta-called by, you guessed it, Nick Binger. Binger showed A A and MacHowsky was in tough shape with 3 3. The flop pretty much ended it for MacHowsky, running A K K. The turn and river bricked and Binger sent MacHowsky home in sixth place.

Binger Busts Jalali in Fifth Place ($56,875)

Down to his last 104,000 in chips, Alex Jalali moved all in and was called by Nick Binger. Jalali showed A Q and was very much alive against Binger's J J. But the board ran 7 7 6 K 2, missing Jalali and sending him to the rail in fifth place.

Binger's 7-2 Eliminates Chris Rentes in Fourth Place (69,348)

Chris Rentes had doubled up a few minute prior to this hand, but a second double up was not meant to be. Who stopped it from happening? Yep - Nick Binger. The price was cheap, so Binger called a short-stacked Rentes' all-in bet of 50,000 and flipped over 7 2. Rentes showed 6 5. The board ran K J 4 10 Q and the 7 in Binger's hand played, eliminating Rentes in fourth place.

Nick BingerThe Fall of Binger, Eliminated in Third Place ($69,348)

In a series of hands, Nick Binger’s chip stack dwindled as he lost several big pots. In his final hand, Binger raised to 80,000 and was re-raised by Jonathan Tamayo to 120,000. Binger re-raised to 160,000 and Tamayo raised again, to 200,000. Binger made the call. The pot had 400,000 in it preflop. Binger got his remaining chips in the pot after the flop came 10 7 2. Tamayo called and showed Q Q for an overpair. Binger tabled 3 3 and had only two outs in the deck. The turn and river came 10 J and just like that the dangerous Binger was out in third place.
Tomayo had 1,525,000 after the hand to Gary's 794,000.

Tamayo's Flopped Nut Straight Gets Rivered By Gary's Boat, Short On Chips

Frank Gary won some big pots in the limit hold'em stretch to gain a decisive chip advantage over Jonathan Tamayo. This was perhaps the biggest hand:

Tamayo bet every street on a board of Q J 10 10 and was called by Gary. But when Tamayo bet the 9 on the river, Gary raised and Tomayo made the call, flipping over A-K for the flopped nut straight. However, Gary raised because he held 9-9 and had rivered a full house.

Frank Gary WIns Event No. 41 ($219,217)

Frank GaryA short-stacked Jonathan Tamayo pushed all in for his last 175,000 preflop and Frank Gary took his time making his decision. He eventually called and saw that his A 3 was ahead of Tamayo's Q 7. The board ran A 6 4 8 2, and after three days of play Frank Gary was named the champion of event No. 41 ($1,500 mixed hold'em).
After a great effort, Tamayo came up just short of the ultimate prize, finishing in second place for $140,093.

Binger used his big stack to fuel aggressive play that rarely let his opponents get comfortable. He caught some hands to send an incredible six players to the rail. But once three-handed, Binger was picked off by the fearless play of Jonathan Tamayo and the patient play of Frank Gary, eventually losing his chip lead and getting eliminated in third place.
After some tightly contested heads-up play, the ever-patient Gary finally got the better of Tamayo in some big hands and he took down the tournament, pocketing the $219,217 first-place prize and a WSOP bracelet.

Gary hails from Fort Meyers, FL. The 42-year-old is a former software engineer who sold his business and retired early. He now travels around in his RV and plays poker. This was his second WSOP. He credits all of his success to God.
After outlasting 729 others, Tomayo fell one spot shy of his goal, finishing the tournament with an impressive second-place finish for $140,093.