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WSOP: Svetlana Gromenkova Wins Event No. 15 (Ladies Event)

There's a new lady in town!


A field of 1,190 women came out for the $1,000 World Series of Poker ladies world championship of no-limit hold’em, making the event the second-largest women’s-only event ever and creating a prize pool of $1,082,900.

Nine women earned their spots at the final-table to play for the WSOP championship bracelet, a limited-edition Corum watch and the $244,702 first-place prize. In the end, it was the veteran Svetlana Gromenkova who outlasted Anh Le to win the title of world champion.

Starting chip stacks for the final table were:Svetlana Gromenkova

Seat 1: Patty Till – 312,000
Seat 2: Roslyn Quarto – 73,000
Seat 3: Marla Crumpler – 163,000
Seat 4: Svetlana Gromenkova – 553,000
Seat 5: Sue Porter – 211,000
Seat 6: Debbie Mitchell – 224,000
Seat 7: Chris Priday – 448,000
Seat 8: Yesenia Garcia – 210,000
Seat 9: Anh Le -191,000

Here are highlights from all of the action:

Two Pair Falls to Better Two Pair – Sue Porter Out in Ninth Place

Roz Quarto made it 42,000 to go and was called by both Maria Crumpler and Sue Porter. All three players checked the A K 5 flop, but Quarto moved all in after the 7 came on the turn. Crumpler folded but Porter made the call. Porter showed she had hit two pair, tabling A 7, but Quarto had slow-played A K for a better two pair. The river was the 8 and 26 hands into the final table, Porter was the first woman to be eliminated - winning $20,034.

Gracious in Defeat – Garcia Eliminated in Eighth Place

Facing a raise to 38,000 from Marla Crumpler, Yesenia Garcia moved all in for her final 59,000 and was called by Crumpler. Garcia showed A 10 and was trailing Crumpler’s A J. The board came out J 9 8 2 10 and Garcia missed her straight. She left the table smiling – and for good reason. In only her second year playing in the WSOP, she had made a final table and was leaving $28,155 richer.

Lovely Ladies Hold – Mitchell Doubles Up Through Gromenkova

Svetlana Gromenkova raised to 55,000 and Debbie Mitchell moved all in for 248,000. Gromenkova made the call and tabled A K. Mitchell showed Q Q and her tournament life was on the line. The board came out 9 8 5 10 9 and Mitchell doubled up to 547,000 to become the new chip leader.

Ladies No Good for This Lady – Quarto Finishes in Seventh Place

Roz Quarto limped into the pot, and Marla Crumpler raised to 100,000. Chris Priday moved all in for 228,000 and Quarto moved her remaining 157,000 all in. Crumpler folded and the players saw that a heads-up coin flip was about to take place. Quarto showed Q Q and Priday showed A K. The flop came A 3 2, pairing Priday’s ace right away. The turn was paint, the J, and so was the river, the K, but no more queens smiled up at Quarto and she was eliminated in seventh place, winning $36,277.

Quarto’s previous best major tournament finish was when she finished in second place in the 2006 WSOP circuit ladies event in Atlantic City.

Mitchell Gets Outflopped – Finishes in Sixth Place

Using her big stack aggressively, Svetlana Gromenkova moved all in from the small blind and Debbie Mitchell called. Gromenkova turned over a modest J 7 and Mitchell showed A 9. But the flop was not good for Mitchell, coming down J J 4 and giving Gromenkova a set. The turn was the 10 and the meaningless 6 fell on the river. Playing in her third WSOP, Mitchell took home $47,106 for her sixth-place finish.

Pocket Kings Crushed - Fifth Place to Crumpler

Marla Crumpler raised to 73,000 pre-flop and Anh Le moved all in for 438,000. Le had Crumpler covered, but her hand was too big to lay down. Crumpler made the call and showed K K. She was the favorite over Le’s A 9 – until the flop came out, and delivered A 10 5, giving Le a pair of aces. The turn was the 2 and the river was the 5, and Crumpler finished the tournament in fifth place, taking home $60,101.

Le Takes a Hit, Doubles Up Priday

Chris Priday opened with a raise to 70,000, only to have Anh Le move all in over the top of her for 707,000. Priday made the call and showed A Q. Le rolled over A 10 and the flop came Q 10 3, giving both players a pair. The turn and river came 5 6 and Priday’s pair of queens held up and gave her the pot of 920,000. Le was left crippled with just over 200,000 after the hand.

Aces Just in Time – Gromenkova Doubles to Become Chip Leader

Svetlana Gromenkova raised to 70,000 from the button and Chris Priday repopped it to 195,000. Gromenkova thought for a while and elected to just call. The flop came Q 7 3 and Priday moved all in. Gromenkova made the easy call and showed down A A. Priday disappointedly showed that she had flopped top pair, with Q 10. The turn was the 5 and the river was the K and Gromenkova doubled up to 1,360,000 to take back the chip lead.

Le Doubles, Courtesy of Gromenkova

Anh Le moved her remaining 252,000 all in pre-flop and Svetlana Gromenkova moved all in over the top, forcing the blinds to fold. Gromenkova showed A 7 and had Le’s 9 7 in bad shape. The flop fell 8 5 3 giving Le a gutshot straight draw and a little bit of life. The miracle 9 fell on the turn and it was Gromenkova who was now in bad shape. The river was the J and Le doubled to around 550,000.

Chris Priday Eliminated in Fourth Place

Chris Priday picked up A 7 and moved her remaining 297,000 all in pre-flop. Anh Le looked down at A J on the button and made the call. The board didn’t improve Priday’s hand – coming K 5 4 8 9, and Priday finished in fourth place, earning herself $73,637 in only her second WSOP.

Patty Till Busts in 3rd Place

Patty Till moved her final 341,000 all in from the button and couldn’t have liked to see Gromenkova move all in over the top of her. Till turned over K 6 and saw she was trailing Gromenkova’s 9 9. The flop came A 9 6, giving Gromenkova a set and leaving Till drawing dead to running cards. They didn’t come, as the Q turn and 5 river sealed the deal and sent Till home in third place. Playing in her third WSOP, Till won $87,715 for her efforts.

New Chip Leader – Le Doubles Through Gromenkova… Again

With nearly a two-to-one chip lead over Le, Gromenkova made the call when Le went all in pre-flop, and was in a great position to win the bracelet. Her A K was a dominating favorite over Le’s A 5. But the flop changed the percentages drastically, coming out 7 5 2 and gave Le a pair. The turn was the 2 and the 9 fell on the river, making Le’s pair of fives good enough for a double up and the chip lead.

A Champion is Crowned - Gromenkova Takes 1st Place - Le Finishes 2nd

After grinding her way back into the chip lead heads up, Svetlana Gromenkova had 1,475,000 to Anh Le’s 900,000 when the victor was crowned on the 151st hand of the final table.

Le raised to 100,000 and Gromenkova moved all in over the top. Le made the call and was in bad shape, with her A 6 against Gromenkova’s K K. The flop came 10 9 7, giving Le some more outs. But the turn was the K, giving Gromenkova a set and taking away some of Le’s outs. This time the best hand would hold, as the A fell on the river giving Gromenkova the hand and the tournament.

After a six-hour final table, Svetlana Gromenkova was crowned the 2008 ladies world champion and she took home the first-place prize of $244,702 along with the WSOP bracelet. She was the most experienced player at the table. A year ago, she finished in 27th place in this event, and she came to the final table with previous experience playing on a big stage, having finished seventh in the U.S. Poker Championship main event in 2007.

After a great tournament, Anh Le once again fell just short of her ultimate goal. She finished in second place when Jennifer Tilly won the event in 2005. Le took home the second place prize of $144,567.



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I found last year's tourney more exciting and that's streching it-Sad that no major Pro made the Final Table