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WSOP: Anthony "tongni" Rivera Wins Event No. 8

James "" Mackey Falls Short of His Second Bracelet


Anthony RiveraComing into the final table near the bottom of the pack, Anthony "tongni" Rivera overcame a who's-who of the poker world to capture his first bracelet in the inaugural World Series of Poker Mixed Games Championship. As the field dwindled, Rivera turned on the aggression and picked up some timely hands to take control of the table. When heads up play began, it only took one hand to determine a champion.

Here were the chip counts heading into the final table of Event no. 8:

Matthew Glantz — 1,150,000
James "" Mackey — 742,000
Tom "durrrr" Dwan — 642,000
Michael DeMichele — 434,000
Sam Farha — 374,000
Anthony Rivera — 274000
Jeff Madsen — 149,000
Eli Elezra — 76,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in's live coverage of the final table:

Tom DwanTony Rivera Doubles Through Tom Dwan - Pot-Limit Omaha

Tom Dwan raised to 31,000 and Tony Rivera called. Matthew Glantz called in the small blind and Sam Farha came along in the big blind. The flop came Q-5-2 and Rivera bet 90,000. Dwan put him all in and Rivera made the call, showing A-Q-Q-6 for top set. Dwan was behind with K-K-J-9 and a back door flush draw. The turn and river came 4-5 and Rivera's hand improved to a set to double up to 610,000. Dwan took a big hit and now has 350,000.

Jeff MadsenJeff Madsen Eliminated in 8th Place ($54,144) - Limit Hold'em

Jeff Madsen raised all in on the short stack and Matthew Glantz called in the small blind. Sam Farha reraised out of the big blind and Glantz called. Both players checked down a board of K6258 and Farha turned over A2 to take the side pot and the main pot after Madsen couldn't produce better than 10-high. Madsen was eliminated in eighth place.

Tom Dwan Eliminated in 7th Place ($67,680) - Limit Hold'em

After being crippled on an earlier hand by Matthew Glantz, Tom Dwan moved all in over the top of a Michael DeMichele bet. Both Tony Rivera and DeMichele made the call and the flop came 10-9-3. Rivera bet and DeMichele called. The turn was a 5 and once again Rivera bet. This time, DeMichele folded and Rivera turned up his hand along with Dwan.Sam Farha

Dwan - 2-2
Rivera - 3-2

Dwan needed a miracle one-outer on the river but it bricked out. Dwan finished in seventh place.

Sam Farha Eliminated in 6th Place ($85,725) - Razz

Sam Farha and Eli Elezra are all in against James Mackey in razz. Despite holding four to the wheel on fourth street, Mackey bricks out and Elezra's 8-7-6-5-4 is enough to triple up and knock out Farha in sixth place.Eli Elezra

Eli Elezra Eliminated in 5th Place ($108,288) - Stud eight-or-better

After Tony Rivera brought it in, Michael DeMichele completed with the 3 and Eli Elezra raised with the 7. DeMichele put Elezra all in and he made the call, revealing two black kings in the hole. Unforunately for Elezra, DeMichele was rolled up and made a full house to eliminate Elezra in fifth place.Michael DeMichele

Michael DeMichele Eliminated in 4th Place ($139,872) - Triple Draw

After getting crippled on a previous hand, Michael DeMichele committed his chips predraw and drew to a 10-low, but Tony Rivera showed down a 8-7-6-4-2 to take him out in fourth place.Matthew Glantz

Matthew Glantz Eliminated in 3rd Place ($184,992)

On a flop of 763, James Mackey bet 125,000 and Matthew Glantz moved all in. Mackey made the call showing J7 and was ahead of Glantz and his 65. The turn and river bricked when they came Q3 and Glantz was eliminated in third place.

Anthony Rivera Wins Event No. 8 ($483,688), James Mackey Finishes Runner-Up ($297,792)

James MackeyOn the very first hand of heads up play, James Mackey raised to 87,000 and Anthony Rivera reraised to 287,000. Mackey moved all in and Rivera instantly called showing AK. Mackey turned over A9 and needed help to stay alive. The board ran out QQ245 and Mackey was eliminated in second place, earning $297,792.

When asked how he felt coming into the final table surrounded by top-level talent, Rivera explained,"I was confident in my abilities, since I play with these guys all the time in mixed games at the Bellagio."

Here are the final results:


  1. Anthony Rivera — $483,688
  2. James Mackey — $297,792
  3. Matt Glantz — $184,992
  4. Michael DeMichele — $139,872
  5. Eli Elezra — $108,288
  6. Sam Farha — $85,728
  7. Tom Dwan —$67,680
  8. Jeff Madsen — $54,144