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WSOP: David Singer Wins Event No. 3

Singer Overcomes a Marathon Heads-Up Session to Take the Title


David Singer has been on quite the hot-streak since he won the Caesars Palace Classic last October. Though he has been known to fly a bit under the radar, Singer has consistently put up solid results year after year and has roughly $4 million in lifetime earnings to show for it. Since finishing second to Allen Cunningham in the Vegas Open at the Venetian in one of the longest heads-up matches in the history of tournament poker, Singer has proven that he has what it takes to close it out. Just last week, Singer bested one of the toughest fields of all time to win the $25,000 Full Tilt Poker Heads-Up Championship. On Wednesday, he one-upped himself by beating a game Jacobo Fernandez in a marathon battle to claim his first bracelet in the $1,500 pot-limit hold’em event.

David Singer Wins Event No 3Coming into the final table as the short stack, Singer had an uphill climb to the top, taking on a talented field that included two World Poker Tour final tablists and an up-and-coming online professional. Here were the chip counts before the start of play:

Joe Tehan — 458,000
Jacobo Fernandez — 428,000
Robert Lipkin — 305,000
Al “Sugar Bear” Barbieri — 271,000
Russell Harriman — 242,000
Greg Alston — 179,000
Zach King — 139,000
David Singer — 83,000
Glen Bean — 75,000

Glen Bean NOT Daniel AlaeiGlen “Miss Pretty” Bean Eliminated in Ninth Place ($19,646)

Glen Bean hung around on the short stack for quite some time before being forced to get it in with J-8 against Zachary Kings’s A-Q. Bean caught an eight on the flop to give him some hope, but an ace on the river sent him packing. Bean earned $19,646 for his efforts.

Meanwhile, Singer made his move up the leader board.

David Singer Doubles Up.... Twice

On a flop of Q 5 3, Greg Alston put David Singer all in for just under 70,000, and Singer made the call, showing A Q. Alston turned over J J and failed to catch his two-outer when the turn and river came 10 3. That pot brought Singer up to 162,000, which he used for his next double-up a few hands later.

Al BarbieriSinger raised it up to 22,000 under the gun and got a call from Al Barbieri on the button. The flop came down Q 3 2, and Singer bet 40,000. Barbieri called, and the 8 hit the turn. This time, Singer moved all in for about 100,000, and Barbieri called, turning over K Q, which was behind to Singer’s pocket aces. The A on the river needlessly improved Singer, and he doubled up once again to about 325,000.

Al Barbieri Eliminated in Eighth Place ($26,764)

Despite doubling up early, Barbieri took a bad beat holding pocket queens against pocket jacks, and the hand left him crippled.

Zach King aka CKingUSCAl Barbieri got the rest of his stack in with K 6 against David Singer’s A Q. The board rolled out A 9 2 4 10 and “Sugar Bear” was busted in eighth place, earning $26,764.

Zachary King Eliminated in Seventh Place ($34,063)

With just over 80,000 in his stack, Zachary King was forced to make his move against Greg Alston. Unfortunately for the young online pro, his A 8 ran into the A A of Alston. King failed to catch any miracles, as the board came down K 10 9 9 J to eliminate him in seventh place.

Joe TehanJoe Tehan Eliminated in Sixth Place ($43,796)

Tehan came into the final table with the chip lead, but couldn’t get anything going. After taking a bit of a bad beat to Russ Harriman, Tehan was eliminated shortly thereafter.

Tehan got the rest of his short stack in with J 10 against the pocket nines of David Singer. The flop of A Q 2 gave him some extra outs, but the turn and river came 8 7 to brick out, sending Tehan to the rail in a disappointed sixth place. Tehan earned $43,796 for his efforts.

Robert LipkinRuss Harriman Eliminated in Fifth Place ($55,474)

Harriman had been hovering around the 100,000-chip mark for quite some time before picking up pocket queens. The small all-in amount made it too easy for Greg Alston, and he made the call with A J. The board rolled out A 3 2 5 5, and Harriman made his exit $55,474 richer. Not too bad for his second career cash.

Robert Lipkin Eliminated in Fourth Place ($67,640)

After being relatively quiet the entire day, Robert Lipkin decided to make a move at the wrong time, and his 7 5 ran into the pocket jacks of David Singer. The board didn’t even come close to Lipkin’s hand, and he was eliminated in fourth place, leaving the remaining three players to battle for the bracelet.

Greg AlstonGreg Alston Eliminated in Third Place ($82,725)

Greg Alston raised to 34,000, and Jacobo Fernandez put him all in for his last 100,000 or so. Alston made the call and showed down pocket jacks, which was well ahead of Fernandez and his pocket eights. Unfortunately for Alston, the board came K 7 6 8 9, and he was eliminated in third place, earning $82,725.

The remaining two players traded chips back and forth for a while before deciding to take a dinner break. After everyone had been fed, it was more of the same, small-pot poker at its finest. Very few hands were shown down, and few pots contained more than 10 big blinds. After more than three hours of cautious play, two hands determined the final outcome.

Jacobo FernandezDavid Singer Doubles Up to Take a Big Chip Lead

First, Singer doubled up when, from the button, Fernandez min-raised to 80,000 and Singer popped it to 240,000 total. Fernandez then moved Singer all-in for 800,000. Singer called, and his A K was racing against Fernandez’s 55. The board came A K 10 8 4, and Singer had won a 1.7 million chip race, putting Fernandez on his back foot for the first time in many hours of play.

David Singer Wins Event No. 3

The final dagger came on the very next hand: The board read 7 5 3 6 when Singer put out a bet of 50,000. Fernandez wasted no time in raising to 180,000, but was clearly unhappy when Singer moved all in for all of Fernandez’s remaining chips. After a long period of deliberation, Fernandez called, revealing his 7 3. His suspiscions were confirmed, however, when Singer turned over Q 4 for a straight. The river was the J, and David Singer threw his fist into the air in celebration.

Jacobo Fernandez earned $136,643 for his runner-up finish, and David Singer took home $214,131, along with his coveted first bracelet.

After taking some time out for bracelet photos, Singer proclaimed, “It may not be a lot of money, but this win means more to me than any other tournament.”

Here are the final results:
  1. David Singer — $214,131
  2. Jacobo Fernandez — $136,643
  3. Gregory Alston — $82,725
  4. Robby Lipkin — $67,640
  5. Russell Harriman — $55,474
  6. Joe Tehan — $43,796
  7. Zachary King — $34,063
  8. Al Barbieri — $26,764
  9. Glen Bean — $19,464