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From the EPT Grand Final: Tim Vance

Former EPT Champion Talks About Reading Opponents and Not Being Hung Over


Tim Vance Tim Vance won the European Poker Tour Scandinavian Open in February 2008 when he defeated 459 entrants, and that victory earned him $1.2 million. Vance is one of the few EPT champions remaining in the field in Monte Carlo, and he is looking for his second EPT title. Card Player conducted a tableside interview with Vance while he was playing in the EPT Grand Final.

Lizzy Harrison: You were spotted pacing the tournament area in frustration a bit earlier. What happened?

Tim Vance: I made a read and then doubted myself. I did not make a call that I should have made.

LH: How did the hand play out?

TV: I had As 9s on a flop of A-X-X with two clubs. I bet out and my opponent shoved. I knew that he had a K-Q, with a king of clubs, but I laid my hand down.

LH: Have you recovered from that?

TV: Oh yeah, I’m fine. I have about 40,000 in chips, which is approximately what I came in with. I am confident that I am playing well.

LH: Tell me a little bit about your recent win in Copenhagen.

TV: I was playing my game well. My game is to not go by the books. I go by what my reads are. When I play that way, I win; reading my opponents is the strongest aspect of my game.

LH: How long do you have to be at a table before you are able to get reads on your opponents?

TV: It really depends on the player. It also depends on how well I am reading on any particular day.

LH: How do you ensure that you are reading well?

TV: By not being hung over [laughing]. That is the biggest thing that can hurt my game.

LH: Are you hung over today?

TV: No, not at all [laughing].