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From the EPT Grand Final: Micky Wernick

British Poker Star Talks About His Progress So Far at EPT Grand Final


Micky WernickMicky Wernick is one of the grandfathers of the British poker scene, and he has more than $850,000 in career tournament earnings. He has made the money in two European Poker Tour events over the course of his career. In 2006, he came in ninth in the EPT French Open in Deauville, and in 2007, he finished 29th in the EPT Dortmund. While Wernick was on a break from the EPT Grand Final, we had a chance to chat him up.

Lizzy Harrison: How is the tournament going for you?

Micky Wernick: It’s been going well. I had about 23,000 early on, and then I was dealt pocket sevens. The flop was J-J-7, and I checked. I hoped that he had three jacks. The next card was a 5; I bet, and he called. All I was thinking then was that I wanted anything lower than a jack to hit on the river, because he could have a jack with a big one or an overpair. The last card was a king, and I still thought I could be OK, so I bet 4,000, and he went all in. I showed my hand as I folded, and he was a gentleman and showed K-J. After that, I was down to about 17,000.

LH: What style of play is most conducive to success in this event?

MW: You have to play poker. You have to try to pick up the blinds and the antes. You also have to get cards and then slow-play them so you can get some chips.

LH: How has the play at your table been?

MW: If you look at my table, there are some really good players. There was really only one lesser player, and he went broke. Now, every chip is hard to get, because everyone is aggressive.

LH: Is that common on the European tournament circuit?

MW: Everyone talks about the Scandis being aggressive. They are aggressive, but usually when I call them down they have a hand [laughing]. You have aggressive, more aggressive, and super aggressive. I play aggressively when it suits me.

LH: What do you think of the influx of younger players?

MW: I like playing with the young-bloods; there are some great young players.

LH: Are there any specific players that you admire?

MW: I have played with Johnny Lodden; he is a great player. There is also a young Scandinavian player, Trond Eidsvig, who is really good. I played with him in Ireland, and he really plays the game. He plays proper poker, not all that aggressive bulls---. I have seen him make some great moves.

LH: Do you think that a European player will take down this event?

MW: We need to send the Americans back to America with their tails between their legs.