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From the EPT Grand Final: Annette Obrestad

An Interview with the Internet Pro at the EPT Grand Final


Annette ObrestadAnnette Obrestad is not yet old enough to play poker in the United States but she has taken the international tournament circuit by storm. The Norwegian phenom finished second to Reuben Peters, and earned just under $417,000, in the European Poker Tour Dublin earlier this season. Obrestad has more than $2.4 million in live tournament earnings and an additional $365,000 in online winnings. Card Player caught up with her on a break from day 1A of the European Poker Tour Grand Final.

Lizzy Harrison: You’re here in Monte Carlo for the European Poker Tour Grand Final for the second year in a row. Has anything exciting happened at the tables so far?

Annette Obrestad: It’s going well; I have about 14,000 in chips. I have played two big pots. One of them was against Barny Boatman when I raised with an Ah-3h. He called me in position and flop was J-8-5 with two hearts. I led out and he called. I missed the turn, it was a 4, but I did pick up a gut shot. I checked, he bet 1,000, and I check-raised him to 3,500. He called, and then I hit an ace on the river, but I just check folded. I think I could have gotten him off of a lot of hands with my check raise on the turn. I think that he would have folded top pair with any kicker and probably even any two pair. He also would have folded any draw. It was just unlucky that he happened to have a set that hand.

LH: So he showed you his hand?

No, but he probably had a set. What else could he have had?

LH: That makes sense. You were, however, able to build your stack back up to average; was it in the other big pot you mentioned?

AO: Yes, it was against a Norwegian guy; I don’t know his name but he is not very good. I raised preflop with a 4-5 of hearts and I flopped a flush draw again. I hit the flush on the turn and I just value bet it all the way down. That was a 10K pot.

LH: You began this tournament on day 1A, is that when you prefer to start if there is an option?

AO: Actually, I do prefer day 1A in tournaments. It is good to have a day off to relax. The only thing that sucks is that the welcome party is held the night before so I can’t really drink or do anything.

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