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Allen Kessler and Randy Holland Win Preliminary Events

Two Pros Win Omaha Eight-or-Better Events at the Wynn Classic and the Winnin' 'O the Green Tournament Series


Randy HollandTwo recent Omaha eight-or-better preliminary events at the Winnin’ o the Green and Wynn Classic tournament series were both won by local seasoned pros.

California-based poker pro Randy Holland won event No. 6 at the Winnin’ o' the Green tournament series at the Bicycle Casino. It was a $300 buy-in pot-limit Omaha eight-or-better tournament with one optional rebuy. He beat the 66 other runners to win the more than $11,000 first-place prize. Holland is known for his continual major tournament cashes and final table Alan Kesslerappearances. He finished 22nd in the 2007 Card Player Player of the Year (POY) race with 14 final tables finishes, more than anyone else in the top 100 ranked players.

Allen Kessler of Las Vegas won event No. 5 of the Wynn Classic, a $1,000 buy-in Omaha eight-or-better tournament. The 140 entrants generated a prize pool of nearly $136,000. Kessler received just under $53,000 for first. This is his fifth cash this year, and third time receiving POY points. For his win, Kessler was awarded 336 points, improving his POY ranking from 398th place to nearly cracking the top 100.