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New Poker After Dark Episodes Return on NBC

Paul Wasicka and Alan "Boston" Dvorkis Make Their First-Time Appearances


After a few weeks of reruns, Poker After Dark (PAD) is back, starting with a new episode at 2:05 a.m. PT early Tuesday morning on NBC.

Paul WasickaThis week's shows will feature newcomers Paul Wasicka and Alan "Boston" Dvorkis. Wasicka is known for coming in runner-up in the 2006 World Series of Poker main event to Jamie Gold, who is also at this week's PAD tournament. Dvorkis is a long-time Las Vegas gambler who has played poker for 25 years.

Also at the table are Antonio Esfandiari, Mike Matusow, and Mike Sexton. Although all of these players have huge poker accomplishments, none of them have captured an elusive PAD title. Esfandiari and Gold are tied at 0-2, while Sexton is 0-1. Matusow has the worst record of all of the players at this table at 0-4 and will be tied with his nemesis, Phil Hellmuth, for the worst PAD record so far at 0-5 if he loses this time.

Five episodes will air in the same time slot from Tuesday through Saturday. Early Sunday morning at 1 a.m. PT, there will be a special "Director's Cut" episode that summarizes the week's action.

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over 13 years ago

Alan Boston is so annoying, I wish he would just lose already. He knows he's not getting invited back, why cant he just shut up and lose like he claims he wants to.