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WATCH: Poker Playing Contortionist Goes All In… With Her Feet

Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational Ends With Another Woman Champion


Every poker player is forced to make some big moves and maneuvers at the table now and again, but that notion was taken to a completely different level on PokerGO’s Celebrity Poker Tour Invitational III on Friday.

The tournament featured 79 comedians, celebrities, athletes, YouTubers, and social media influencers battling it out for $50,000 in prize money. One hand specifically stood out, however, with contortionist Sofie Dossi moving all in with her feet.

With blinds at 2,000-3,000, seven players saw the flop of AClub Suit KClub Suit 3Heart Suit. Content creator Zach Justice bet 10,000 with top pair, and with just 26,000 in chips remaining, Dossi decided to move all in with her KDiamond Suit 5Spade Suit.

Only she didn’t just shove her chips forward. With the help of a side table, she proceeded to shift her legs completely over her head and move her chips all in, throwing some into the middle with her feet.

Watch the hand below.

With her feet still over her head, she proceeded to take in the remaining action at the table. Her tablemate even gave her a handshake footshake, congratulating Dossi on the unique shove. Commentator Brent Hanks said she looked comfortable, but like a spider.

“I’ve been waiting to do this,” Dossi said as other players considered what to do in the face of such a bold move. Nev Schulman, host of the Catfish documentary and television series, eventually called with pocket jacks “just for the fun of it.”

Justice called with ADiamond Suit 7Spade Suit, as did actor Michael Blackson with KSpade Suit 7Diamond Suit. When the KHeart Suit hit the turn, Blackson put the last of his chips in and Justice called. Meanwhile, Dossi fixed her hair with her foot as players waited on the river card, which turned out to be the 2Diamond Suit.

Although Dossi hit trips, her three of a kind was beaten as Blackson had the better kicker. After using her rebuy, she was then later eliminated by Brad Owen. The former America’s Got Talent finalist with nearly 10 million YouTube subscribers exited the tournament having made quite a memorable showing.

Katie Thurston, of The Bachelorette, went on to win the event for $20,000, with actor Miguel Núñez Jr. taking runner-up for $10,000. Of the five Celebrity Poker Tour events that have been run this season, four have been won by women including Princess Love, Nemo Zhou, and Maria Ho.