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Poker Players Master Small Stakes Cash Games In One Class

Five-Star Rated Course Teaches You How To Beat Bad Players


Even though the vast majority of the poker world plays for small stakes, it can often be hard to find training content geared towards these games. While high-level plays are entertaining to watch on high roller streams, they don’t necessarily work as well at your average $1-$2 table.

But small-stakes players have been leveling up their game with poker author and coach Alex Fitzgerald’s latest course, specifically designed to help you crush the fish at your local cardroom.

Master Small Stakes Cash Games In One Class has already proven to be a success with Fitzgerald’s students, who have collectively given it a 4.8 rating out of 5.

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“I love Alex’s style,” said one student. “It feels like lifting weights with a personal trainer next to me. Every day I do the training, I learn something for my game or life. It’s awesome.”

The 13-hour course features more than 20 full episodes on topics such as moneymaking short-stacking strategies, how to catch bluffers in the act, how to deal with frequent three-bettors, how to defend your blinds, how to play heads-up pots, how to play multiway pots, how to deal with limpers, and how to get money out of the tightest players at the table.

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About Alex Fitzgerald

Poker Coach Alex FitzgeraldAlex Fitzgerald has been a poker professional since he was 18, and has racked up millions in online winnings with final tables on the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour.

He has worked with more than a thousand students over the years, diagnosing their play, finding the leaks and plugging them so they can start winning fast. Fitzgerald is the author of The Myth Of Poker Talent, Exploitaitive Play In Live Poker, and The 100 Biggest Mistakes That Poker Players Make.