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Texas Poker Room Hosts 'Wacky Weekend' Of Tournaments

Lodge Card Club Finds Audience For Unique Poker Games Series


Forced Partners Chad and SellimThe Lodge Card Club in Round Rock, Texas hosted one of the strangest lineups you will ever see for a tournament series this past weekend from Feb. 1-4. If you were looking for some unique tournaments with interesting rules then this was the stop for you.

The Wacky Weekend of Poker lineup included deuces wild, double board bomb pot, fun under the gun, flip and go, forced tag team, nit game, dealer’s choice, no checking no-limit hold’em, mystery bounty chaos, and blood river (ocean).

If some of those event names sound unfamiliar, you are not alone.

Dealer’s choice and double board bomb pots might be relatively familiar to most experienced players, but what was happening in the fun under the gun tournament? In that event, the first player to act was able to pick the game after looking at their cards for a spur of the moment dealer’s choice game.

There was also a deuces wild tournament. Local radio host and Lodge Poker commentator Rick Epstein managed to bust from the tournament holding pocket deuces, and failed to make the money despite being dealt the hand four times.

The flip and go tournament saw Omaha flips until the start of the final table, and then the forced tag team event lived up to its name by not allowing players to pick their partners – that was done at random.

The nit game event forced the last player to win a hand to pay a ‘nit tax’ to the pot, similar to a ‘stand up’ round in cash games. The ‘no checking’ event was rather self-explanatory, but things got really interesting on the final day of the tournament series with two fun variations.

mystery bounty events have become incredibly popular in recent years, The Lodge put a twist on theirs, with bounty envelopes not only containing cash prizes, but also tournament advantages and even penalties. Knock a player out, and you could win cash, or see your stack cut in half!

The closing event for the series was the blood river (ocean) tournament, where if the river was a red card, then a sixth card would be added to the board as well.

Lodge Card Club co-owner and high-stakes pro Doug Polk reported that the series was an overall success and teased that they will be running more “wacky” events in the future.

“Entry numbers have been great for the Wacky Weekend of Poker, apart from a few duds,” Polk said. “We’ll definitely be running more stuff like this.”

One such event has already been announced. In March, the cardroom will be one-third of an event that not only includes poker, but also fishing and golf.

Mixed-games expert and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Nathan Gamble was among the winners at the tournament series, sharing his excitement about the new game variations.

“Every table from the start to the finish had more happy people, more laughter, and more bonding than the next,” said Gamble. “Amazing showcase of the mix game world.”