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iGaming Produces Big Numbers In Ontario

Online Poker Also Sees Growth


Ontario became one of the most successful regulated online gaming launches in North America when the province became Canada’s first fully regulated market in April 2022. That not only included sports betting and casino gaming, but several online poker operators landing in the market as well.

Third quarter revenue (Oct. 1 to Dec. 31) for the province was recently released by iGaming Ontario and outlined an impressive 21% increase over the second quarter for total wagers of $17.2 billion. That produced revenue of $658 million, a 22% increase from the second quarter.

Growth North Of The Border

Online gaming is becoming a more popular option for legislators trying to shore up budgets. New York, Maryland, and other states have considered legalizing online casino gaming and poker recently. Ontario offers a glimpse of the revenue possibilities of a regulated, yet competitive market.

Ontario had 49 operators and 72 gaming sites in the third quarter, an uptick of two operators and one site from the second quarter.

The industry continues to attract more Ontario gamblers with 1.2 million active player accounts for the quarter, rising from 943,000 the previous quarter. Despite that growth, average monthly spend per active player dropped to $186 from $191 in the second quarter. Here’s a look at the revenue totals by individual category:

  • Casino games, including slots, live and computer-based table games and peer-to-peer bingo, accounted for nearly $13.7 billion (79%) of total wagers and $471 million (71%) of gaming revenue.
  • Total sports betting accounted for nearly $3.1 billion (18%) of total wagers and $171 million (25%) of gaming revenue.

Ontario remained a highlight for the regulated North American online poker industry as well. Poker produced $431 million (2.5%) of total wagers and $17 million (2.5%) of gaming revenue.