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WATCH: Italian Man Sets Poker Chip-Balancing Record

Rocco Mercurio Balances 255 On One Finger


Rocco MercurioPoker players often show off plenty of dexterity when it comes to riffling, flipping, and spinning chips while at the table. One player recently added quite a sense of balance to that list and earned a Guinness record in the process.

Italy’s Rocco Mercurio managed to balance 255 poker chips on a single finger to earn a Guinness world record “distinction.” An Instagram video of the accomplishment shows Mercurio assembling several chip stacks on a table before then stacking those on top of each other on his index finger.

The chip-balancing virtuoso then balances the stack for several seconds before eventually seeing the stack topple down – pumping his fist in celebration.

Man Of Many ‘Records’

Whether that is a major accomplishment is in the eye of the beholder. But Mercurio is no stranger to registering Guinness records with some of his other varied feats, including most cups balanced on the forehead, most mugs held in one hand, most coins spun simultaneously, fastest time to flip three water bottles, fastest time to apply 10 surgical masks (including a separate for record for completing the task blindfolded), and numerous others.

No word if Mercurio is a poker player himself, as he doesn’t come up in any poker tournament database, but he’s also extended his penchant for record-breaking to billiards, holding the record for most balls held in one hand at 17.

The video of Mercurio’s chip-balancing prowess received more than 62,000 views since being posted by Guinness on their YouTube page. However, the reaction has been pretty mixed among viewers. Despite the number of likes, one Instagram viewer noted: “World record … something like this? The whole world has no talent?”

The game of poker is no stranger to Guinness records. In 2010, Phil Laak set the record for the longest continuous poker session, recording 115 hours of play at $10-$20 no-limit hold’em at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

That record was then broken in 2019 by Zach Gensler, who played 124 straight hours at Resorts World at a $1-$3 no limit hold’em table.

“I wanted to be a part of poker history,” Gensler told Card Player.