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Daniel Negreanu And Doug Polk Set For $200,000 PokerGO High Stakes Duel Match

Familiar Foes Will Battle Once Again, Broadcast Live From Las Vegas


After taking out casino owner Eric Persson in round one of High Stakes Duel 4, Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu will be battling a much more formidable, and familiar, opponent in high-stakes pro Doug Polk.

The match is scheduled for Aug. 24, and will air exclusively on PokerGO. Each player will put up $100,000 and the game won’t end until someone has all of the chips.

Negreanu has already locked up $50,000 in profit so far this series, and has the option to quit ahead $150,000 should he beat Polk. If Polk wins, however, he’ll need to win the $200,000 buy-in round in order to cash out. A player can only walk away from the duel once after two consecutive wins, and the losing player has the right to a rematch.

Of course, Negreanu and Polk are no strangers to each other’s games. The two spent years trading verbal and social media jabs before settling their differences in a 25,000-hand heads-up challenge online back in 2021. (That match did start live, with the first 200 hands streamed on PokerGO.)

Although Polk would go on to win $1.2 million from Negreanu (as well as a sizable amount in side bets) during their sessions, the Texas cardroom owner admitted that Negreanu had been a tougher opponent than he originally thought, and it appears that the two outspoken players no longer have animosity towards each other.

“He did a really impressive job with a lot of the stuff he did,” said Polk at the time. “I did not think he would play this well at all… By the end, he was doing so many sharp things.”

Negreanu was similarly complimentary, pointing out Polk’s ability to make quick adjustments.

“Every [time] he came back prepared,” said Negreanu. “He seemed to make some adjustments because there were always holes that we were looking to exploit. Then when he would get hammered in that spot, he’d go into the lab, come out of the weekend and okay, that hole is no longer valid.”

This is Negreanu’s second High Stakes Duel series on PokerGO, and it’s already going better than the first. In the Spring of 2021, Negreanu was swept in three matches by Phil Hellmuth.

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