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Coushatta Poker Room In Louisiana Drawing Players With Exciting Promotions

There's Bonuses To Be Won Every Day Of The Week!


The poker room at Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder, Louisiana is giving back to it’s players with numerous promotions. In fact, there’s cash bonuses that can be won every day of the week!

The beautiful 10-table card room, now located near Lenny B’s Cocktail bar, is known for its Southern charm and friendly staff. Players are offered food comps, have the convenience of USB chargers at each table, and can enjoy the game with six big-screen TVs.

Additionally, Omaha players can win $75 all day, every day their aces get cracked. The bad beat jackpot pays up to $2,500, if you should be so fortunate to see your aces full of kings or better lose at showdown. And depending on what day of the week you’re playing, you can win even more!

Sunday — Triple Crown

This high hand promotion pays out $50, $75, and $125 for the highest three hands each hour.

Monday — Quad Madness

Make four-of-a-kind and get paid. $200 if you can hit it by the river, and $500 if you flop it!

Tuesday — Mystery High Hand

Who knows what your prize will be? Make the high hand of the hour and draw an envelope that can be worth anywhere from $100 to $500.

Wednesday — Splash The Pot

Here’s your chance to win a juiced up pot. Anytime the flop features three suited cards, Coushatta will add $100 to the next pot.

Thursday — Straight Flush

Make a straight flush and win an extra $200. Use both of your hole cards and its worth $500. Flop it and you’ll pocket $1,000!

Friday — Jacks Can’t Lose

Don’t be afraid to play jacks on Fridays. Win with pocket jacks and get $50. Lose with pocket jacks, and you’ll get $100! Play between 10 a.m. and noon and the prizes double.

Coushatta Casino Resort is owned by the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana and is located in Kinder, Louisiana. With a beautifully appointed room, you can stay where you play. For more information visit the casino’s homepage or call 1-800-584-7263.