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WATCH: Wild Fight Breaks Out At California Poker Room After 'Yo Momma' Comment

Unclear What Started Incident That Lead To Violent Player Getting Tased


An awkward and nasty fight recently broke out at a poker room in California.

A video has emerged on Reddit that shows two players going at it at the Hustler Casino’s poker room. It is unclear what happened leading up to when the video starts, but it kicks off with a tense argument involving two players who were standing up from the table.

The situation seemed controllable until one of the players insulted the other man’s mom, causing the situation to escalate. The player who had his mom insulted took major offense to that comment and started moving aggressively with his hands up towards the other man.

The video shows the bald man run the other way before grabbing a side table to swing at the other man. It’s unclear if any injuries were sustained from the table strike, but it appears as thought the other man took a direct blow to the head.

Moments later, a security guard fired a taser at the man who swung the table, who then fell to the ground crying, “he [the other guy] hit me first!”

It is not yet known if any charges have been filed from the incident.

Watch below: