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WATCH: Poker Player Caught Cheating And Banned From Live Stream

Man Allegedly Looked At Opponent's Cards On Multiple Occasions


A poker player on a live stream of a cash game at the Hustler Casino in California has been accused of some unethical play by another poker player.

According to a video analysis of the cash game session from WSOP Circuit winner Alex Duvall, it looks like the player only known by the nickname “skillsrocks” was going out of his way to look at his opponent’s hole cards, running massive bluffs on his opponent in eyebrow-raising spots.

There were also incidents captured on the stream of the player kicking at least one other player underneath the table in an attempt to collude in the game.

“In this video, I review a live stream from a recent Hustler Casino high stakes cash game where a player ends up cheating by looking at another player’s cards. This results in several bluffs that look genius, but are actually completely cheating,” Duvall said.

According to reports, the player’s name has been identified as Julio Cedillo.

Nick Vertucci, who operates the live stream stream and frequently plays in the high-stakes cash game, issued a statement saying: “Our announcers and production team is not focused on watching if players are looking over at other players cards (especially if very subtle). They are producing and commentating. And all players are responsible to protect their cards. With that said considering the review of the game and the accusations and all the other off color antics he will not be invited back to our show.”

The casino put out a longer statement later, saying that the poker player acknowledged what he did in the game was “unethical” to his opponent.