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Dean 'TheRealYoshi’ Morrow Wins World Series of Poker Online $400 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Max Event

The Event Drew 421 Total Entries To Create A $151,560 Prize Pool


The 2021 World Series of Poker Online continued with the third gold bracelet event to wrap up in Pennsylvania: the WSOPO $400 buy-in no-limit hold’em six-max event. The tournament attracted 421 entries, building a prize pool of $151,560. Dean ‘TheRealYoshi’ Morrow came out on top in the end, earning $35,480 and his first WSOP gold bracelet as the champion.

This event took just over nine hours to complete from start to finish. By the time the field was narrowed to a final table, Morrow sat in the chip lead with more than 2.6 million. ‘ArnoldSlick’ was the only other player with more than a million in chips.

‘DeathNote__’ was the first to fall when their A-8 ran into the A-9 of Morrow, who surpassed the 3 million chip mark after he made a winning pair of nines to narrow the field to five players. ‘DeathNote__’ earned $5,289 as the sixth-place finisher.

‘BubbyDubby’ saw their tun in this event come to an end when their 10Spade Suit9Spade Suit failed to come from behind against the JSpade SuitJHeart Suit of ‘ArnoldSlick’. ‘BubbyDubby’ flopped an open-ended straight draw while ‘ArnoldSlick’ hit middle set. The turn and the river brought running fives to give ‘ArnoldSlick’ a full house, and ‘BubbyDubby’ hit the rail with $7,336.

‘Chr0meKing’ got the last of their stack in with AClub Suit8Spade Suit and ‘ArnoldSlick’ called holding ASpade SuitKSpade Suit. Both players ended up with aces and queens, but ‘ArnoldSlick’ had the winning king kicker to take down the pot. ‘Chr0meKing’ was awarded $10,367 for their fourth-place showing.

Morrow scored his second elimination at the final table when his ASpade SuitQDiamond Suit held up against the AClub SuitJClub Suit if ‘Voice2skull’. The board came down 10Heart Suit9Diamond Suit8Diamond Suit4Diamond SuitJSpade Suit, giving Morrow a queen-high straight. ‘Voice2skull’ settled for $14,974 as the third-place finisher.

With that Morrow took more than a 2.5:1 chip lead into heads-up play with ‘ArnoldSlick’. The final hand saw ‘ArnoldSlick’ raise to 88,000 on the button with 8Spade Suit8Heart Suit. Morrow three-bet to 264,000 from the big blind with JSpade SuitJHeart Suit. ‘ArnoldSlick’ called and the JClub Suit8Club Suit4Club Suit flop saw both players improve to a set. Morrow bet 177,540 and ‘ArnoldSlick’ raised to 636,000. Morrow moved all-in and ‘ArnoldSlick’ called off their last 2,424,080. The 4Spade Suit turn gave both players a full house, but ‘ArnoldSlick’ remained in need of an eight on the river. The 2Spade Suit was no help and ‘ArnoldSlick’ was knocked out in second place ($22,022).

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings
1 Dean ‘TheRealYoshi’ Morrow $35,480
2 ‘ArnoldSlick’ $22,022
3 ‘Voice2skull’ $14,974
4 ‘Chr0meKing’ $10,367
5 ‘BubbyDubby’ $7,336
6 ‘DeathNote__’ $5,289