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Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu Down $268K To Doug Polk Through 1,000 Hands Of Grudge Match

After Winning $117,000 Through 200 Hands Of Live Poker, Negreanu Lost $385K Through The Next 800 Hands Of Online Poker


Daniel Negreanu won $177,000 during the first 200 hands of his heads-up grudge match with Doug Polk. Those first 200 hands of the $200-$400 head-up no-limit hold’em match were played live at the Aria, however.

Since then, the match, and its remaining 24,800 hands, has moved to the online streets of and the results have heavily tilted in favor of Polk. After two more sessions, Polk went from down $117,000 to up more than $268,000 over another 806 hands.

The pair played their first online session last Friday, which lasted for slightly more than two hours and 424 hands. They played two tables with automatic top-ups to the 100-big blind, $40,000 buy-in and it was pretty much all Polk from start to finish.

Polk won a little more than $218,000 and swung the match in his favor. Negreanu was on the wrong side of variance throughout the day. He was on the bad side of cooler situations and his bluffs ran into the top of Polk’s range.

Negreanu lost a buy-in when he got all in preflop with his A-Q against Doug’s Q-Q, and then another one when he floated the flop and turn with 9Club Suit7Club Suit on an 8Diamond Suit8Spade Suit5Heart Suit8Heart Suit board in a three-bet pot. The river was the 9Diamond Suit and he called a shove but lost to Polk’s ADiamond SuitAHeart Suit.

The nine-high float was one of the more controversial hands of the session, but in a post-match interview with GGPoker Ambassador Kevin Martin, Negreanu said that given the suits in his hand, he had plans of taking the pot away on the river.

The six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner said that since the 8Club Suit was not on the board, and he had the 9Club Suit and 7Club Suit in his hand, it was highly unlikely that Polk would have quads. Especially since Polk’s most likely hands to three-bet preflop that contain an eight were 9Club Suit8Club Suit or 7Club Suit8Club Suit.

On the river, Negreanu was left with about $42,000 in his stack and there was a little more than $45,000 in the pot. If Polk had checked the river, Negreanu was planning on bluffing. It was an unlucky event that he hit a nine and made a full house and could then beat some of Polk’s bluffs.

Polk’s former video editor, Thomas Keeling, had a little fun with the hand on Twitter. He synced up the hand with an edited version of a now-infamous tilt session Negreanu endured while encountering internet problems during his stream of last summer’s online WSOP. [Warning: Video contains graphic language]

It was more of the same on Monday as Polk continued to stretch his lead. Over another 382 hands, Polk won another $166,293.

In tweets published following Monday’s victory, Polk acknowledged that Negreanu had run below expectation over the match’s first 1,000 hands.

“I will say he is obviously running bad in a bunch of standard cooler spots,” tweeted Polk. “His game does have some issues though.”

Polk also noted that even though his Canadian opponent is stuck more than $268,000, it’s a very standard swing given the stakes and sample size.

“Just cause the number is big doesn’t mean DNegs is down that much,” tweeted Polk. “He is down a little under 7 buyins. That is a completely normal result over 1k hands of [heads-up no-limit hold’em].”

The duo will continue their grudge match Wednesday at 2:30 pm PT.