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Poker Pro Doug Polk To Daniel Negreanu: "I Can't Wait To Clean You Out"

The Two High-Profile Poker Pros Ironed Out The Remaining Details Of Their High-Stakes Grudge Match Monday On Twitter


Negotiations surrounding the rules of the heads-up grudge match between poker pros Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk have gotten heated lately as the two publicly debated whether preflop charts should be allowed during play.

The rules debate got so intense that Polk hurled insults Negreanu’s way Monday morning, calling Negreanu “a little bitch” and adding that he “cannot wait to clean [Negreanu] out.”

At the start of October, the duo agreed to start their match Nov. 1.

They had previously agreed to play two tables of $200-$400 heads-up no-limit hold’em with 100-big blind stacks that will automatically top up to the max as soon as a player falls below that threshold.

They later agreed to have fellow high-stakes pro Kane Kalas commentate on the match and to play it on

Things went off the rails when the use of real-time assistance and preflop charts was debated.

In an Oct. 7 tweet, Negreanu tweeted that the match would not include the use of a heads-up display or a database to collect hands, as the site does not allow either on its platform. In the same tweet, he said that he was “open to either allowing or disallowing the use of any RTA including charts during play.”

Polk responded the next day saying that notes and charts do not count as real-time assistance and was seemingly against banning the use of them.

Polk explained his defense of preflop charts in a series of tweets from Oct. 9, claiming that “Online poker has preflop charts and randomizers. That is the reality of those games. I prepared knowing this.”

He argued that in the months since Negreanu accepted Polk’s challenge to a heads-up match, he had been preparing for it under these assumptions.

Negreanu countered that these preflop charts and notes are the poker equivalent of a cheat sheet and thus a crutch that should be removed. In his eyes, if both players are using preflop charts, the match won’t be as accurate of an indicator as to which player is superior. The GGPoker Ambassador also argued that he has conceded to Polk on every detail of the match and that at some point, Polk was going to have to compromise.

Polk used the opportunity to bridge the gap between the two and find a compromise. He offered to ban the use of preflop charts in exchange for showing hole cards during the stream. “We both give a little, the fans win,” said Polk in a tweet regarding the idea.

Following the insults lobbed on Monday, Negreanu agreed to exposing hole cards for a small portion of the match that would be played live. Polk agreed. Negreanu said that he recently loaded $1 million into his WSOP account and the match would start on Nov. 1.

With the details of the match finalized, Negreanu said that there was only one thing left to do.