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Allen 'Acnyc718' Chang Wins 2020 WSOP Online $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout

Brooklyn Resident Defeats Field of 854 Entries To Win First Bracelet and $161,286


Allen ‘Acnyc718’ Chang is the latest player to earn a 2020 World Series of Poker gold bracelet. The Brooklyn, New York resident overcame a field of 854 players in the fifth event of the series, a $1,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em freezeout tournament. Chang earned $161,286 and his first piece of WSOP hardware for the win.

Allen 'Acnyc718' ChangThis event was the first of the series to not allow any re-entries. The 854 unique players that registered for this tournament built a final prize pool of $811,300, which was paid out among the top 126 finishers.

There were plenty of big names who made deep runs in this event, including recent WSOP Circuit Online Season Finale main event winner Frank ‘spaghettiiii’ Marasco (124th –
$1,623), Katie ‘katelin’ Lindsay (113th – $1,623), WSOP bracelet winner Andy ‘rkkrb’ Bloch (105th – $1,623), Amit ‘rocketsbaby’ Makhija (55th – $2,353), recent winner of event #2 Louis ‘PokeThese’ Lynch (50th – $2,758.42), two-time World Poker Tour main event champion Alan ‘GladiusIII’ Goehring (49th – $2,758), Joseph ‘biueberry’ Cheong (40th – $3,164), Aaron ‘FrankDux’ Massey (13th – $6,896), Michael ‘itwasthator0’ Gagliano (12th – $8,681), Ryan ‘Protential’ Laplante (11th – $8,681), and Greg ‘ClickingBtnz’ Himmelbrand (10th – $8,681).

Chang held the chip lead when the nine-handed final table got underway, with Felipe ‘McBain’ Leme and Philip ‘tomte’ Yeh sitting with the next largest stacks. Quintin ‘AA_QTiP_KK’ Trammell was the first player to hit the virtual rail during final-table action. he got all-in with K-Q up against the pocket tens of Andrew ‘iseefoodtuna’ Campbell. He was unable to win the race and settled for $11,196 as the ninth-place finisher.

Chang earned his first knockout at the final table when he called the shove of short stack Josh ‘charliefrog’ Greenberg. Chang’s QSpade SuitJSpade Suit was dominated by Greenberg’s ASpade SuitJHeart Suit, but the ADiamond Suit10Club Suit7Club Suit5Heart Suit]KDiamond Suit runout gave Chang a straight on the river. Greenberg earned $14,603 for his deep run in this event.

John ‘Slapshot1085’ Forlenza was the next to fall. He got his last chips in with ADiamond SuitQSpade Suit, only to run into the pocket queens of Alex ‘ShadowFiend1’ Condon. The case queen hit the board to give Condon a set, which was enough to send Forlenza to the rail in seventh place ($19,390).

Despite busting Forlenza, Condon was ultimately the next player to be eliminated in this event. Condon raised with ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit from the cutoff and Chang three-bet all-in for more than 6.3 million from the button with JSpade SuitJDiamond Suit. Condon called and the board ran out QHeart Suit5Heart Suit3Diamond Suit2Diamond Suit7Diamond Suit. Chang’s pocket jacks held to earn him the sizable pot. Condon earned $26,124 as the sixth-place finisher.

With that most recent knockout, Chang had furthered his chip lead to the point that he held roughly half of the chips in play with five players remaining. He extended that advantage even more by knocking out Timothy ‘married’ Begley, who shoved his last 11 big blinds with pocket deuces. Chang called with pocket kings and held to send Begley home with $35,697.

Andrew ‘iseefoodtuna’ Campbell’s run in this event came to an end when his AHeart Suit2Club Suit ran into the ASpade SuitADiamond Suit of Philip ‘tomte’ Yeh. Campbell flopped a deuce, but was unable to improve any further on the turn or river. He cashed for $49,570 as the fourth-place finisher.

The next big confrontation began with Chang raised to 360,000 from the button with ADiamond SuitKSpade Suit. Felipe ‘McBain’ Leme called from the big blind with the KHeart SuitHeart Suit9Heart Suit. The flop came down AHeart Suit9Spade Suit5Club Suit and Leme check-called a 350,000 bet from Chang. The 7Heart Suit on the turn prompted Leme to move all-in for around 2.3 million. He had a pair and a flush draw, but was in need of assistance heading into the river after Chang made the call. The 2Diamond Suit was of no help and Leme was knocked out in third place ($69,772).

Chang took roughly a 2.5:1 chip lead into heads-up play with Yeh. He was able to extend that advantage to more than 4.5:1 by the time the final hand was dealt. Yeh shoved for roughly 2.9 million from the button with 8Club Suit6Club Suit and Chang made the call holding QHeart SuitJHeart Suit. The board came down JHeart Suit7Club Suit4Heart Suit7Club Suit2Diamond Suit and Chang’s jacks and sevens were enough to lock up the pot and the title. Yeh earned $99,709 as the runner-up finisher.

Here is a look at the payouts awarded at the final table:

Place Name Earnings
1 Allen ‘Acnyc718’ Chang $161,286
2 Philip ‘tomte’ Yeh $99,709
3 Felipe ‘McBain’ Leme $69,772
4 Andrew ‘iseefoodtuna’ Campbell $49,570
5 Timothy ‘married’ Begley $35,697
6 Alex ‘ShadowFiend1’ Condon $26,124
7 John ‘Slapshot1085’ Forlenza $19,390
8 Josh ‘charliefrog’ Greenberg $14,603
9 Quintin ‘AA_QTiP_KK’ Trammell $11,196

Chang photo credit: WSOP.